Members’ Handicap Contest Results Match Report 16th Dec 2020

The results of the Handicap Contest were announced during our Zoom meeting on 16th December. We were joined online by two new members from Canada; Kevin Shand and Grant Iaconis. They were treated to the best handicap videos played back “live”.

The prize winners are as follows:

1st: Lachie Dick

2nd: Martin Wilson

3rd = James Carnegie and Bethany Bisaillion

Best Dressed: Iain Dewar

Most Entertaining: Martin Wilson

Worst Video: Bethany Bisaillion

Huge thanks to the judges; Drum Major Peter Toole and Steven McWhirter. They entered into the spirit of the contest superbly.

Special mention must go to Bethany Bisaillion of Ottawa, Canada, who submitted three videos. Before any cries of foul play are made, only one was judged. Her playing justly merited a prize. The intermittent bleep from a smoke detector low on battery and the accompaniment of a Highland Hornpipe (?) saw the recording qualify for Worst Video. Whilst the title of this prize is a little harsh it does replace the Best Breakdown prize from previous years. There have been some legendary winners of this (Ninian Christie 2018 springs to mind). 2020 did not disappoint. It is a must watch! See below.

First Prize

Most Entertaining

Worst Video

Best Dressed

I am pleased the Society has embraced the changes 2020 has forced upon us. We will start 2021 in the same Zooming way with Gary West as our very special guest on Tuesday 12th January.

Huge thanks for your support.

Happy Christmas etc.

Yours aye

Douglas Gardiner

Honorary President

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