2020 Dates & German TV Coverage

We will resume on 21st January 2020 with meetings following fortnightly thereafter.

AGM will be on 18th February 2020.

To keep you amused in the meantime, here is a link to the German TV show when they came to Eagles to film member Nils Michael:

German TV coverage

The hours of filming across two days boiled down to under 3 minutes of fame.  The interesting bits are right at the start, and then from about 08:40 (Eagles appear at 10:12). However, the rest of the documentary is also quite entertaining (particularly if you can speak German), with some great footage of Danny MacAskill.

The show had a market share of 10.3% in Germany that day – or 2.49 million viewers…

Have a fun Christmas break.




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Match Report Tuesday 10th December 2019

IMG_0349Last nights members competition brought to a wonderful 2019 to an end for the Eagle Pipers’ Society.

The group playing is flourishing, we listened to some 16 piobaireachds throughout the year-(see the website), we had recitals from young guest players, visits from guests that included the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, but most importantly we had fun. A pie, pint and a tune amongst friends. What’s not to like?

As is now tradition the President,Douglas Gardiner, organised the end of season ‘Fun’ Competition. 12 pipers took part and the handicapped competition was judged by Susanne Speirs and Anna Gardiner, ladies who know a thing or two about piping and pipers!

How does the handicap system work? Who knows. The ladies give a score, Douglas interferes and we get a result. You will see what I mean.

The players were Lachie Dick, Jim Couper, Mikey Upton, Iain Dewar, John Murphy, Ninnian Christie,Gordon Hislop, Andrew Yu, Fergus Perks,Kenny MacBride, George Campbell and Craig Robertson.

There were 3 piping prizes and awards for the best dressed, best breakdown and most entertaining.

There was some great playing, there was some great composing, there were some strange tune names-The Elf’s snow balls, Santas Full Sacks, Beaver Bay, The Willie Hunter to give you a flavour. There were some fancy sweaters, we had flashing lights on the drones and of course we had pies.

At the end of the day the results were

1st Craig Robertson
2nd Fergus Perks
3rd equal George Campbell/Iain Dewar.

Best Breakdown-Iain Dewar
Best Dressed-Gordon Hislop
Most entertaining- George Campbell


Craig Robertson

The more astute amongst you will have picked up the anomaly of the 3rd placed Iain Dewar also winning the best breakdown. How can that be I hear you ask? Could it be that we had two lady judges who used female logic to reach the decision? A process only understood by women, (everyones a winner) or could it be that Douglas had been bribed with a chocolate finger? Who knows but as they say, the judges word is final and that is that.

What a great night and thanks to Anne and Susanne and all the players who took part.

The Society is taking a short break over the festive period and will resume on Tuesday 21st January.

Merry Christmas and have a great New Year

Euan Anderson
Hon. P/M

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Match Report Tuesday 12th November 2019

IMG_0207I am often asked if there is a place for Piping Societies in this day and age and to be honest it is a valid question. 

The calendar is full with professional competitions and recitals, not to mention pipe band commitments, so who are they for? A question for lengthy discussion but one of the significant things societies offer is a platform to play pipes in a reasonably informal setting and to have a tune amongst friends.


Jo Barne

With this in mind it was very pleasing to welcome Edinburgh Academy  into the fold. Instructor Michael Gray had brought along 3 of his charges for a tune. The timing was perfect as it was an opportunity for a run before the Scottish Schools competition the following Friday.


Hugo MacPherson

After a short Eagles band session the 3 pupils, Joseph Barne, Hugo MacPherson and Ritchie Gardiner each took the opportunity to play solo before the pies. Jo kicked things off with the great march, The Stornoway Highland Gathering. A very musical tune and well played on a good pipe. Jo is the current Pipe Major of the school band and he finished his spot with the jig, The Glasgow City Police Pipe Band.

Hugo was up next and played a lovely MSR starting with Major Manson at Clashuntrushal. As they now say he was not arriving. He was not leaving. He was just there. Inveraray Castle and Alick C. MacGregor followed. Well done indeed.


Ritchie Gardiner

Ritchie Gardiner, under a bit of pressure as dad was keeping a keen eye on the fingers, also played an MSR that started with The Siege of Delhi, a tune composed to mark the incident that took place during the Indian rebellion of 1857. The young Gardiner acquitted himself very well and I am sure he is due a pocket money raise?1024px-Delhi-lond-illust-1858

On the left, The City of Delhi Before the Siege – The Illustrated London News Jan 16, 1858.

Post pies the guys came back on and gave us their competition medley.  I am am sure they benefited from having a practice run in front of an audience.IMG_0203

Michael Gray concluded the evening with a few tunes that concluded with a very fine Black Donalds March. It was a rare treat for us to hear Michael and thanks to him and the boys for coming along and providing such first class entertainment. You are most welcome any time.


Michael Gray

To remind you our meeting with the Glasgow Highland Club has been cancelled and we will revert back to a normal practice night on Tuesday 26th November.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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26th November- The Glasgow Highland Club – CANCELLED

I am very disappointed to advise that our planned inaugural meeting on 26th November with The Glasgow Highland Club is cancelled.  They are now unable to support the visit.

We will hold a usual meeting instead with plenty of opportunity for anyone wanting to road test their slow air/jig in advance of the Handicap Contest on 10th December.


Douglas Gardiner

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Match Report Tuesday 29th October 2019

Johnston_Finlay_Glenfiddich2019The Glenfiddich has come and gone and many congratulations to Finlay Johnston who won the overall with a second in both disciplines. Hats off to Glenn Brown for his win in the piobaireachd and to Connor Sinclair who capped a marvellous debut with a win in the MSR.

Anne Spalding was awarded this years Balvenie medal for services to piping which was presented by Andrew Bertoff.Spalding_Anne__Glenfiddich2019_2

The Eagles bus did make it despite the sleep in from Rip Van Winkle Dewar who had an extra 40 winks. (no one will ever mention this again!) However the bus arrived in time for the start and the boys did not miss any of the great piping.

The piping quiz on the way up was won by Iain MacDonald and the general knowledge on the way down by Tom Lewin.

Perhaps the answer of the day goes to Nils Michael who answered the question, ‘What does ‘Caber Feidh Gu Brath’ mean? with ‘No parking at any time!’

As a result of the Glenfiddich we missed the first round of the Scots Guards KO competition that was won by Brìghde Chaimbeul. The next round is on Sunday 24th November.

IMG_0073The band numbered about 14 pipers despite quite a few regulars being missing. The sound took a bit of time to get there and as a rule of thumb chanters should be in the ball park of 487/480 at the start. If the chanters are all over the place the drones are impossible to get tuned together. The session lasted for well over an hour and there will be another big session in 2 weeks time in preparation for our visit from The Glasgow Highland Club on 26th November. Work to be on the Strathspey and Reel.

The post pie piper was Tom Lewin who kicked off with a couple of 6/8 marches. Tom then played an unusual waltz that he composed himself, The Perrins in Pennan ( a small village in Aberdeenshire). Tom finished with some hornpipe and jigs that included an old favourite Tam Bains Lum, composed by Donald Shaw Ramsay. The tune was reportedly written about a chimney (‘lum’) in Laurieston, near Falkirk, in the shape of Abe Lincoln’s hat. It was part of a row of tenement houses and owned by a fellow named Tam Bain. Ramsay was apparently quite taken by the sight and named this tune after it.IMG_0072

And with that we were done. 

The piping train rolls down to London on Friday for the Bratach Gorm and another great weekend of piping awaits.

Hope to see you all in two weeks time on Tuesday 12th November.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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Match Report Tuesday 15th October 2019

IMG_0019Tonight saw a welcome addition to the ranks in the form of SFU piper Tori Killoran who joined the Eagles ‘band’ for most of the tunes. In Scotland for a few weeks Tori is soaking up all the piping she can get. Part of the Scottish piping culture is of course an Eagles pie  that seemed to go down a treat!

Indeed Tori was our post pie piper and she stepped her way through some lovely light music that included a block of 6 or so jigs, finishing with the difficult Peter Macleod composition, Inspector Donald Campbell Ness. Her MSR started with the great march Bonnie Ann, composed by Daniel Ross. Excellent stuff and don’t be a stranger Tori.IMG_0017

Iain Speirs was up next and he took the opportunity of preparing for the Glenfiddich Championships at Blair Castle. Once the pipes were settled he was quickly into a double MSR. Top class playing on a great pipe. Iain finished off the evening with the Captain John MacLellan piobaireachd, The Edinburgh Piobaireachd. Iain has had this in his repertoire for some time now and makes wonderful job of getting the full musical value from it. The pipe held well and if he can reproduce this form at the Glenfiddich he will not be far away. IMG_0021

Good luck to all the competitors who are heading to Blair Castle at the weekend. It will, as usual, be a first class event and if you can not make it remember it is all live-streamed.

The Eagle pipers are running a bus that will included the tradition road trip quiz.

Hope to see you there.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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Match Report Tuesday 1st October 2019

5101f7f1-c240-41a3-a90b-177a05c7591dAs the bands repertoire increases it is difficult to keep on top of all the tunes so hats off to all who put in the time and commitment  to do so. The sound is also more consistent (at a lower pitch of around 478-480) and perhaps on Tuesday we had the best sound of the year? No matching chanters, so it will always be a bit of a challenge, but all in all an acceptable to the critical ear. As in all bands blowing is key and when we hit the harder tunes sometimes that is an issue, but even thats getting better as confidence grows. Progress is definitely being made.

The post pie piper was Fergus Perks who stepped up to the plate to play the evenings piobaireachd. Interestingly Fergus sometimes battles with an E gracenote issue (that may be a form of focal dystonia?) but he has persisted and manages the issue very well. An interesting topic as many top players have suffered or do suffer from this type of thing. Something about the correct message from the brain not getting to the hands or muscles?62ba5996-6eea-4be6-b559-86f0ebb4cecf 

However, undaunted, Fergus plays very well and treated us to some great light music that included 6/8 marches and a top class MSR, John MacFadyen of Melfort, Dornie Ferry and Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree. 

He than played MacCrimmon Will Never Return followed by the hornpipe Mary Anne of Garradh-no-Mona, composed by P/M Sandy Forbes and a couple of jigs. Excellent stuff. A little heard hornpipe but the music was apparently published in an edition of the Piping Times for those on the hunt.

Fergus then finished off with Lady Anapool’s Lament. Not much is known about the Laird and Lady of Anapool and no one is really sure where Anapool is. Fergus made a first class job of the tune and his Tim Gellaitry pipe stood the test. Many thanks Fergus.

And with that we were done.

Congratulations to all those who took a prize at the Captain John MacLellan Memorial competition on Saturday.

Remember the Eagles are running a bus to the Glenfiddich and secretary Craig Robertson is taking names so please let him know if you want to book a seat.

See you on Tuesday 15th October at 20.00hrs.

Euan Anderson

Hon Pipe Major

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