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Photographs-Some history

Some of the photgraphs are quite old and not all the information regarding who is who and the background/location may be available so if you have any information that would help please get in touch.

Thank you

Eagle Pipers trip

Eagle Pipers’ annual trip to Blair Atholl, early 1970s. Not all the faces are known but from left to right…..

Pat Sandeman, Ronnie Ackroyd, Paddy Atkinson, (balmoral chap unknown) Nigel Malcolm-Smith, John Kerr, D R MacLennan, George Stoddart, Tom Rae, James Burnett? Ian Cameron, Ramsay Borthwick.

The gents on the right are at present unknown.


D. R. MacLennan was a great stalwart of Edinburgh piping and he and his wife Jean were very much part of the social scene.

He was born in Edinburgh in 1901, son of Lieutenant and Edinburgh Police Superintendent John McLennan, well known authority on pipe music and one of the most prominent piping figures of the day. D. R. was a younger half-brother of G. S. McLennan and a cousin to the almost equally famous Highland dancer and piper William McLennan. Originally taught pipes by his father, he was later a pupil of Willie Ross and John MacDonald of Inverness.

He enlisted in the Scots Guards in 1919, but transferred in 1925 to the Seaforth Highlanders at Fort George, where he was named Pipe Major of the 1st Battalion. He would hold this post for 13 years. He returned to Fort George in 1938 and spent the war years as Regimental Sergeant Major of the Infantry Training Centre until he was commissioned into the Seaforths. He retired as a Captain in 1948.

He won prizes as a piper, dancer and athlete early in his career, though he would not win the premier prizes until 1956, having been talked into returning to the competition platform by friends a few years earlier. He justified their faith in him by achieving the extraordinary feat of winning the Gold Medals at Oban and Inverness in the same year at the age of 55.

D. R. MacLennan (Donald) died on February 7, 1984. the then Pipe Major John A. MacLellan,of the Army School of Piping, piped at his funeral.

The wedding photograph of George and Margaret Stoddart. Late 70’s?

The photograph right  is dated March 23rd 1974 and is of members and friends of the Eagle Pipers’ Society at their annual dinner in the Merlin Hotel in Edinburgh.

Eagles 1
Eagles 2

These are probably from the mid 70’s when the Eagle Pipers’ used to make an annual pilgrimage up to Blair Atholl.

eagles 2
Heriots Pipe Band

Where it all began for Colin Maclellan and Euan Anderson. Colin on the left, Euan on the right and George Brown behind Euan. Nick Ross is the hairy guy on Bass. The Heriots Pipe band, Goldenacre playing fields, sports day, circa 1973?


The picture on the left is Jimmy ‘the one’ Catherwood in his early days. He later taught drumming at Heriots.

The following two photos are rare ones of the late Donnie Manson who for many years was the proprietor of the Glen Mhor Hotel on the river bank, Inverness. Donnie was a huge piping enthusiast and member of the Eagles. These would have been taken around 1979/80.

eagles 5
Donnie having a tune with Duncan Chisholm listening at the bar.
eagles 4