The Society Today

Colin and Capt. John with Gold Medals

After a hiatus of more than 25 years, The Eagle Pipers’ Society has been resurrected by three piping stalwarts intent on putting Edinburgh piping back on the map.

Colin MacLellan, Euan Anderson and Iain Speirs are well known in piping circles and have a long record of success in both solo piping and with pipe bands. Each of their fathers, Capt. John MacLellan, MBE, James Anderson and Tom Speirs were leading lights in piping and prominent committee members of The Eagle Pipers’ Society in its heyday.

Tom and Iain with the Silver Chanter

As it was in the beginning, the Society today is open to anyone with an interest in the Great Highland Bagpipe and we invite you to join us to play, to listen or simply to enjoy good company.

The Eagle Pipers’ Society meets throughout the year at the Scots Guards Club on Clifton Terrace, Haymarket in Edinburgh’s West End.  The venue is ideal for playing and listening to pipes, as well as for its location, opposite Haymarket Train station, close to major bus routes and with ample parking on the surrounding streets or at Morrison Street car park.

The Anderson Eagles

Meetings start at 8.00pm and are held every other Tuesday. Check on the website for updates.

The Eagle Pipers’ Society committee is:

President – Douglas Gardiner
Hon. Pipe Major – Euan Anderson
Secretary – Craig Robertson
Treasurer- Alan McGhie
Member – Colin MacLellan
Member – Jenny Hazzard

Member – Nils Michael
Member – Dr Peter McCalister

We look forward to welcoming you to the Society.

21 responses to “The Society Today

  1. Alan B Clark

    have you thought about starting a facebook page as well?

  2. colinmaclellan

    Good suggestion Al, done!!!!


    A gatering where pipers play for for fun / pleasure no note counters, no politics! wonderfull, is there a place for me, wow. Jack.

  4. Glyn Morris

    Looking forward to it!

  5. Ken Sutherland

    Well done, Colin, Iain and Euan! Count me in, and I’ll be there if I’m ever in the area on a 2nd Tuesday!

  6. Kaj Larssen

    Colin, Splendid idea with reforming The Eagle Pipers. I had probably my best experiences at the West End Hotel and the places after back in the seventies, those few times I had the opportunity to listen to the greats. Last time you and Jenny were in Copenhagen, you mentioned that my tie (Eagle Pipers) represented a fortune, yes – you are right. I think I were in the possession of a life membership, but anyway life must go on, so I will pay again, but please, send me a new tie.

    Kaj Larssen

  7. BRAKMEYN Laurent

    Happy to see this revival.

    Long live and to the next summer.

  8. Andy Wright

    Post Nominals would be a good idea, I will be joining!!

  9. Wulls

    Great Idea…….
    Some things should have never been allowed to fall by the wayside…..The Eagles is one of them.
    Look forward to making a visit.

  10. Colin,
    Just send in my membership via paypal. Looking forward to receiving my tie ! Of course, I will stop in on my next visit to Edinburgh.


  11. Tom Polson

    Hello Iain

    I was looking forward to coming over in August and collecting my Tie but unfortunately I am unable to fly over this year as I have been elected once more as President of “The Highland Pipers Society of W.A. Inc” also as “Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge”, so I think it will be out this year sorry to say. Hopefully I will be able to travel over in 2011
    Is it at all possible to send my tie over please so I can wear it in the Society.

    Just confirming my address:-

    Tom Polson
    Unit 52 / 24 Freedman Road
    Menora 6050
    Western Australia.

    Thankyou Iain and all the best to you and members of the “Eagle Pipers Society.”

    Tom Polson

  12. Tam Burke

    Jenny Hazzard is playing on 22nd may at 7.30pm and 9pm in St. John’s Church Hall at the West End (enter from Lothian Road) ar tthe Eddinburgh Argyll Association ceilidh ( a concert,not a dance).

    Also performing are
    Andrew MacIntyre (small pipes) & Gordon Wilson (fiddle);Gaelic singer Linn Phipps;
    Harry Andrews (Scots songs) with Elisabeth Stewart (Piano);John Buchanan (Fear an Taigh/ MC)

    Admission £6 (guests); £5 (members); Children (under 16) free, but must be accompanied by an adult.

    I daresay you kow already about jenny playing for us. we will be grateful if you can pass thedetatails round for us. Thank – you,Tam Burke, Secretary.

  13. John MacDonald

    Hi Iain/Colin/Euan
    I have just moved up to Edinburgh but am only here for 3 months. Can I come along for tune and join up? When is the next session?

  14. Hi John, absolutely you should come along for a tune.

    The next meeting is 1st Feb. Meetings start at 7.30pm. See you then.

  15. One of my band members mentioned your organization recently. I will be in Edinburgh on 12 and 13 December this year, and would like to pop in to one of your meetings if there happens to be one going on then.

    Don Bogue
    Senior Drum Major
    Atholl Highlanders Pipes and Drums USA

  16. Dr John B Conlon

    I’m afraid I find your website far too complicated for an old bloke like me. First introduced to the Eagle pipers at the West End Hotel in the early seventies, by Uisdean MacLean, twin brother of Coinneach, nephews of Sorly MacLeanl. Fabulous piping and of course most people there had the Gaelic. Met Pipe Major Stoddart – a mate of mine started lessons but unfortunately couldn’t continue due to work and family commitments.

    I apologise if my spelling is awry.

    Unable to afford Australia any more, I hope to be back in Edinburgh late May. Can’t wait to hear the boys…….and girls of course!

    Mountain River, Tasmania.

  17. David Natanel Siegel

    Dear Sirs,
    My name is David Siegel, a composer of pipe music from Haifa, Israel. On 13th August 2013 in your blog, it is stated that a piper from Israel (named as Martan, but perhaps Matan?) played a tune of mine, the White Sands of Gaza. I can assure you that the tune does not commemorate blood or violence. It has a somewhat deeper, introspective set of values behind it. Yet, whatever spurs any of us to compose a tune, I would hope that it stands on its own melodic merits. As the composer, I present the notes, and hope that the piper who performs it plays on a well-tune set with even blowing, clean fingers and musical expression.

    I was a visitor the Eagle Pipers back in the mid-1970s, Willie Sinclair, who had made a set of pipes for me, suggested the society as a place to hear piping and meet pipers. Those were memorable days for me. I am very happy to know that the society is resurrected and thriving. Edinburgh deserves a strong piping centre.

    My best to the Society,
    David Natanel Siegel
    Haifa, ISRAEL

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