Membership of The Eagle Pipers’ Society is open to anyone with an interest in the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Society tieAll members are invited to attend Society meetings and will receive their iconic Eagle Pipers tie. The cost of membership is £30 per year.  We also welcome members from overseas and invite you to join us whenever you’re in Edinburgh. For £20 per year you will receive a Society tie and will be kept up to date with the latest Society news.

Click here to join by Paypal.

Alternatively you can download and complete an application form and pay by Standard Order or by cheque made payable to: ‘The Eagle Pipers’ Society’.  Applications can be emailed to:

Craig Robertson

These striking Eagle Pipers cufflinks are also available to members, friends and supporters of the Society for only £15 plus postage.  They are available from the Society Secretary at the regular meetings or by clicking here to pay by Paypal.

Eagle Pipers Cuff Links

The new cufflinks £15 pp

20 responses to “Membership

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  2. I am an old Eagle Pipers life member – don’t suppose that’s going to be valid now, is it???

  3. I didn’t know the Society had restarted. Is it the same format as the West End Hotel? Pity Neil Robertson can’t attend. I’ll try to come over one night.

    All the best,

    John Mackintosh

  4. Tom Polson

    Looking forward to visiting the Society in August 2010 when on holiday from Perth, Western Australia.
    With being an ex-member of the Edinburgh contingent of the 8th Btn The Royal Scots P/Band and with P/M George Stoddart being our P/M at the time it was agreed upon to have our mid-weekl (practice)? in George’s shop with the Eagle Pipers Society (which was always chaulk-a-block)and walking across the road and up the steps to finish of the evening with a drink in the bar although mind you we would have a little of the amber stuff too prior to going over.
    This saved us a trip to penicuik.

    • Aad Boode

      Tom Polson, could you tell me when was George Stoddart P/M of 8th Bn The Royal Scots?

      • Tom Polson

        Hello Aad,
        Sorry for the late reply but first off a very happy and prosperous new year to you.
        P/M George Stoddart was Pipe Major of the 8th Btn The Royal Scots 1959 just after his stint in 1958 as P/M in charge of the Pipe Majors course at the Edinburgh Castle until 1961 at the amalgamation with 7/9th Btn. The Royal Scots. Geordie Forsyth being P/M of the 7/9th Btn. The Royal Scots continued on as Pipe Major of the amalgamated 8/9th Btn. The Royal Scots.
        In the then Edinburgh contingent of the 8th Btn. was P/m Geo. Stoddart, Pipe Sgt. Sammy Wilson (Railway Police) lived in Meadow Bank, Pipe Cpl. Alex Stewart Lived at the foot of Easter Road, George Slight (Ex 1st Btn Seaforth Highlanders) lived in Morningside. I believe he become President of the Seaforth Association Edinburgh branch and of course myself from Sighthill.
        On Amalgamation John Slattery Snr,as Pipe Major, Tom Hare, as Drum Major, Geo.Slight and myself plus a couple of others moved over to RASC pipeband in Chesser Crescent, Slateford Edinburgh.
        I’ll try and give you more information if required and memory keeps pace.
        Tom Polson

      • Aad Boode

        Sorry for the late reaction. You mention that on amalgamation John Slattery Snr (1905-1985?) and others joined the RASC pipe band in Slateford, Edinburgh; when was this and to which RASC unit did this pipe band belong?

  5. Chris Farruggia

    Dear Eagle Piper’s Society,

    I am visiting Scotland near the end of March. I was wondering if I could stop in and watch.


  6. Dr John B Conlon

    I was introduced to the Eagle Pipers whilst a medical student in the late sixties by one of the McLeans from Lochboisdale. Wonderful Sunday evenings at the West End Hotel………even ‘though I don’t have the Gaelic !
    Would I be correct in asuming you meet regularly now at the Scots Guards club ? I’ll be visiting Edinburgh in April and would love to hear the pipes.

    John B Conlon
    Mountain River

    • Yep just check out the match reports and you will pick up the dates etc

      • HI john still think about you a lot – found you on this site. Hope you are ok and enjoying Tasmania. Met up with Carl in York of all places last year. Dear old dad passed away and so hoping to return to Oz. How are you? Miss the sailing with you. Are you still visiting old haunts in Perthshire? Glyn xx

  7. Colin Hughes

    I keep threatening to come up and see you all but have not made it so far. i need to visit Glasgow soon so when is your next meeting after the festival as I don`t want to pay exhorbitant Edinburgh hotel prices. Will probably stay at The Guards Hotel so not far to stagger home, I still have my iconic tie from the 60`s. Colin Hughes

  8. Iain Dewar

    What a great night on The 11th December, my second ever society meeting. A great turn out, met old friends and enjoyed some excellent piping. All that and pies too, glad I joined!

  9. Tom Polson

    To Aad Boode

    Hello Aad
    Sorry for not replying sooner haven’t got an excuse just lazy I think.Haven’t looked into the site for ages This is long and winded but you did ask Aad.
    I’ll get my thinking cap on approximately 1960/61 a number of us moved over to the 123 Lowland Divisional District Pipe Band,Chesser Cresc. B/T Stenhouse Road and Slateford Road
    This division took in H.Q.Coy. Chesser Cresc., 529 Coy.RASC Field Ambulance, Musselborough and 908 Coy.RASC GT. Alnwickhill, Liberton. All Pipers and Drummers were attached b/t the three Companies,but practiced at Chesser. Never being with the companies really. An RSM Bill Houston (Regular Soldier) was Band Officer .
    Two or three months after the amalgamation with 7/9th and 8th Btns.The Royal Scots The RASC P/Major was an Archie Kerr I think from the old Postal Pipeband days, with a Donald MacLeod Ex PoastaL P/Ds as P/ another two pipers.
    After everyone had been transferred officially from The Royal Scots P/Ds, P/M Archie Kerr retired and John Slattery Snr took over as P/M which was expected.
    P/M George Stoddart retired and Geordie Forsyth stayed as P/M of the then 8/9th Royal Scots.
    The Tartan (Red MacDuff) which was officially registered to the RASC and I think still the Tartan for The Logistic Corp
    Other RASC Pipe Bands in 123 Lowland Divisional.District were stationed at Grangemouth (which wore the Black Watch Tartan wouldn’t change for some reason). Could have been as I think an attachment from the Royal Engineers ?. The other RASC Pipe Bands were stationed in Rothesay and Maryhill Barracks Glasgow. Can’t remember the other RASC Coy. but stationed in the West of Scotland.
    On mass retreats on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade we would amalgamate with RASC Highland Div.(Perth) also wearing (Red MacDuff) along with the RASC Military Band, Dunfermline.
    It must have looked a great spectical marching down from the castle in those days probably at least 70 odd Pipers plus the Drum Corpes and Military Band. The Grangemouth Pipes and Drums marched in the centre.
    During that period, a Tom Hare was the Senior Drum Major and the instigator of moving over to the RASC to keep that band from folding..
    I think I’m not sure Tom was Teaching Drums/Drum Major at a School in the Gilmerton Area of Edinburgh I’ve seen his name only once in the last 50 odd years. I hope this helps Aad and not too long and winded.

    Happy New Year
    Tom Polson

  10. I noticed that (on top of this page) it’s claimed the Eagle Pipers Society was founded in 1960…My membership booklet on front page (blue colour) says the ‘Society was founded 1963. Small point but thought I’d share. I now live in Australia so hard to attend meetings. Cheers and best wishes to the current crew.
    John Turner Member No 258.

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