Worlds Date Change – 11th August 2015


As in previous years, we will be holding a special meeting during “Worlds Week” on Tuesday 11th August.

The meeting on 4th August is therefore cancelled.  There will be a meeting on 18th August as normal.

World Pipe Band Championships - Friday 15 & Saturday 16 August 2014

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Match Report Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Douglas and the Parlour PipesThe Eagle Pipers gathering of 23rd June 2015 was opened by Douglas Gardiner with some very pleasing 3/4 marches on a quite excellent bagpipe.  This was followed by pretty and tuneful 4/4 marches, which were lovely to hear. The names of all of the above are those which I should know and was embarrassed to ask, therefore they remain unreported.

Douglas did, however, report the name of his next tune, the melodic slow air with the particularly uplifting title, My Lodgings in the Cold Cold Ground.  This was suitably brightened by some jigs, after which Douglas wrapped up with an excellent MSR:  the Young MacGregor, Highland Harry and the Rejected Suitor.

Next up was the Hon President Colin MacLellan, in charge of the evening’s proceedings in the absence of the Hon P/M, who P1010248was enjoying a golf outing to St Andrews.  Colin, who I can reliably report has been playing a lot of late 11071388_10153440189484308_3300701840134126069_n(as I am the grateful recipient of regular recitals at home), also began with some pretty 3/4 marches, followed by some lively 6/8s marches. He gave us a sneaky wee snippet of Patrick Og V1 Doubling – surely one of the greatest bits of composition in piping – then moved onto the Duchess of Edinburgh, the Braes of Castle Grant, Cabar Feidh, the Piper’s Bonnet, the Sheepwife, and the Smith of Chilliechassie. (I love that the predictive text in my phone has Chilliechassie in its memory.)  With pipes singing, Colin finished with an absolute treat, the urlar of the Lament for Colin Roy MacKenzie.

Clan MacFarlanes gathering

Gordon Hislop was the next performer, and got underway with some well executed 4/4 marches, then into the great 6/8 March John D Burgess. He carried on with some classic jigs, including the Banjo Breakdown and the Glasgow City Police Pipers, then finished with a couple of excellent 2/4 marches, Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque and another bash at the Young MacGregor.

Although there was a good turnout of listeners on the night, sets of pipes were thin on the ground.  So, although it was nice to have the chance to have a chat and a drink, Colin very generously offered to have another stint, and played the grounds of four of the great piobaireachd compositions:  Lament for the Union (some political commentary in with the music), Lament for the Earl of Antrim, Lament for the Children, and finally Lament for MacLeod of Colbeck – quite a special finish to a very pleasant evening of music and chat.

Next time (Tuesday 8th July) we welcome members of the Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band, including Glenn Brown who will be treating us to a piobaireachd.

Shotts and Dykehead Bathgate 2015

Shotts and Dykehead
Bathgate 2015

Jenny Hazzard

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Match Report Tuesday 9th June 2015

Royal ScottishIt was time for our annual meeting with The Royal Scottish Pipers Society and our turn to host the evening. Both sides were well represented and the evening kicked off with the RSPS playing a few sets on their own under the stewardship of current P/M Andrew Cook.

After a quick refreshment to wet the thrapple both units merged forces and a band of around 30 took to the floor. Now while there was not a drone tuner in sight (thankfully) the combined sound was surprising palatable and a few more sets were played before the pie break and yet further refreshments.2015-06-09 20.39.25

The PPP was Lachie Dick who probably played the tune of the night, an unknown 2/4 march that was full of music and swing. When asked the name Lachie was his usual informative self ‘It’s 2015-06-09 20.39.58someone’s name from somewhere’. Oh well, lovely just the same.

We then had tunes from Colin MacNeill and Cameron Drummond and Alan Forbes.

Colin played a few rarely heard tunes on a lovely sweet pipe. Haste ye back Colin. Cameron was on his usual sparkling form before Alan stepped his way though some of his light music repertoire that included a new Fred Morrison jig composition, Sky (named after a person rather than the Island- apparently?).

Colin McNeill

Colin McNeill

To close the evening Andrew Gray took to the floor. He was using the evening as a run out for his graduation performance at the Royal Conservatoire the following day and his piobaireachd was the Donald McLeod composition, Lament for the Iolaire. This tune was named in memory of a shipwreck off the Isle of Lewis in 1919. The Iolaire went down taking hundreds of service men who were on their way home after world war one.

Alan Forbes

Alan Forbes

Andrew played the tune full of confidence and it was a worthy conclusion to a great evening. We look forward to the next time.

In two weeks time we have a normal Society night and two weeks after that, 7th July, we are welcoming a few pipers along from Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band. Glenn Brown will be on Piob. duties.

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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7th July 2015 – Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Visit


We are pleased to announce that Glenn Brown will bring a group of pipers from the world famous Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band to Eagles on Tuesday 7th July.  Gold Medallist Glenn will also play a piobaireachd.

This is a night not to be missed.


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Match Report 26th May 2015

UnknownSo where exactly is Dollar asked one of our visiting American guests. After a quick chat about Andy Murray, Stirling Castle, Bruce and Wallace etc. etc. they got the picture. Perhaps a small town but firmly on the map of Scottish history,culture and excellence.

Dollar Academy were the latest school to come along to the Eagles and we were in for a real treat. The school website states:

‘Our aim is to prepare our pipers to compete at all levels, including participation in the national competitions.  The Dollar Academy pipe band has won the Scottish CCF Championship for thirteen consecutive years and competes in the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association at juvenile and novice grade and in 2014 were crowned World Champions. For many of us the sight and sound of the pipeband is synonymous with Dollar Academy.’

On the piping front Matt Wilson has been at the helm for a while and he has recently been joined by none other than Callum Beaumont. Lee Innes has been involved with the drumming for some 19 years and Steven McWhirter is part of the instructors team,  thus it’s clear the school has nailed its colours to the mast regards instruction and development.Dollar

Tonights players were Sandy Cameron, Lucy Ferguson, Gregor Stewart and Cameron Bennett. Matt Wilson led the group opening with some 6/8s.

The first impression was ‘WOW’ what volume. My heart went out to the troops as I assumed they were blowing monster reeds but all were later to assure me that this was not the case. The band are on new Hardie chanters and sheepskin bags. They intend playing 14 pipers and 6/7 snares at the British this weekend and for a school band surely a sound hard to beat?

Next up was their competition MSR John McDonald of Glencoe/ Susan MacLeod/Fiona Macleod. A lovely swing in the 2/4. Have a listen at our YouTube site.


A quick tune of the drones while playing a couple of 3/4s and the band were ready to play their medley. They kicked off with Castle Dangerous and then stepped their way through recognisable bits and bobs that ultimately formed a very well structured and musical medley. Great stuff and that brought the first half to a very satisfying close.

The post pie piper was Callum himself. On an immaculate pipe that required minimal, tuning he went straight into Mrs. John McColl and P/M J McWilliams. A hornpipe and jig followed and then we were treated to the ground and first couple of variations of The Lament for the Children. Lovely stuff and surprisingly the first time we have heard Callum at the Eagles. Haste ye back.IMG_2355

Another surprise was in store as Cameron Bennett returned with the accordion, supported by Sandy Cameron on the smallpipe. They rattled their way through some great tunes including the unusual jig, The Grouses Revenge.

IMG_2365We then had a couple of solo spots from Lucy Ferguson and Sandy Cameron on the Highland pipe. Both played an MSR and what was common to both was the lovely strathspey playing. The strathspeys in the band medley were the same. Held back a little allowing the dancing lilt to come through. Really good stuff.IMG_2370

And that brought the evening to an end. What a fantastic night. Hats off to Sandy, Cameron, Gregor and Lucy for turning out in their own time in the middle of such a hectic schedule. (not least the school exams.) To Matt and Callum, thank you and congratulations. It must be very rewarding to see the fruits of your labour perform to such a high standard.

IMG_2374One final note. Not only are Sandy, Cameron, Gregor and Lucy outstanding musicians, they are also very polite and personable young people who are a delight to chat to. I enjoyed their playing and company immensely.

Best of luck on Saturday.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th June when we will be hosting The Royal Scottish Pipers Society. Please come along with your pipe for tune.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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Match Report Tuesday 12th May 2015

UnknownWith the Hon Pres and his good lady off to Sicily, Cameron Drummond at band Practice (maybe) and Douglas Gardiner at a Skype band practice (WTF) we were short of regular attenders however a nice wee night was in store.

Faye Henderson was in the mood for a pie, new dad Tam Peterkin (Iris 9lbs 3ozs) was in the mood for a break and Craig Martin and Janne Hansen made a return to the flock after their wee sojourn to Glasgow.

The P/M had a few tunes before handing over to Nils, who was on a new set up. Included in his spot were the 2/4 marches Mrs John McColl and The Braes of Castle Grant.Unknown-1

The PPP was Craig, included the little heard Glasgow Skye Association Centenary Gathering, that can be found in Donald MacLeods book 5. Worth a look. Craig finished off his spot with some traditional hornpipe and jigs starting with Jimmy Tweedies Sealegs and The Train Journey North. JTS was composed by J Allan McGee from New Zealand and is unusual in its structure, having 5 parts, One for each Ocean? Anyone heard that story?

IMG_2023Next up was the proud father himself Tam P., who is slowly coming to terms with the fact that no matter how bad the pipe is going it is much better than ‘walking the floor’.

Fresh from a recital in Dumfries Iain Speirs treated us to some of his smaller tunes rolling out a lovely set of wee strathspeys and reels. With the pipe humming along like an organ he finished off with a group of jigs that included Donald Willie and his Dog. The question is, who can provide the name of the dog? A significant prize awaits the correct answer.Unknown-2

And that was that. Great stuff.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 26th May when Callum Beaumont will be bring along some of his young charges from Dollar Academy.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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9th June 2015 – Visit of The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society


We are pleased to announce that The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society will be our guests on Tuesday 9th June.

There will be a combined band playing the usual family favourites so everyone bring your pipes.


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