Match Report Tuesday 18th September 2018

IMG_9574As ‘storm Ali’ began to take hold of the country a large turn out was not anticipated but 14 or so pipers took to the floor to entertain a healthy audience.

The P/M got things underway just after 8 and the band played right up until the pies at 9. The post pie piping focused on the MSR and the hard work is paying off. As the winter draws ever closer the band will increase its repertoire and have fresh tunes ready for next year.IMG_9577

There is plenty going on in the piping calendar with the rearranged Uist and Barra competition on Saturday 29th of this month, Dr Peter McCalister playing at the Eagles on Tuesday 2ndOctober, the Captain John MacLellan competition at the Army School of Pipes and Drums on Saturday 6th October, Sandy Cameron giving a recital IMG_9578at the Eagles on 16th October and the dates for the Scots Guards KO competition have been released. Then of course we have the Glenfiddich at the end of October and London in November.

On the subject of the Glenfiddich the Eagles are running a minibus to the event for members. Details can be obtained from our secretary Craig Robertson atIMG_9584

See you at the next meeting

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M




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Match Report August 2018

I know, I know, I know, it’s a bit late but, what a month!

We have had Eagles flying all over the place, from judges, Gold Medallists, winners at the Worlds, people participating at the Tattoo and those that have been competing at the various games up and down the country and those competing in bands.

There has actually been so much happening that it has been hard to keep track.

Whilst that’s all been going on, there are those who have been steadfastly attending the meetings and despite a slightly depleted number it has been great to see you all.


We were extremely privileged to have Callum Watson visit us in early August along with a quartet from Boghall and Bathgate. Callum and the guys treated the assembled to the set they went on to play at Piping Live the following week before the smell of the pies brought their performance to an end.


The post pie piper was indeed Callum and he effortlessly took us through a series of 6/8’s before launching in to the Caledonian Society of London and McAllister’s Dirk. The 4/4’s Garden of Skye and The Intercontinental Gathering were next up and with his pipes sounding absolutely solid Miss Elspeth Campbell, Caber Feidh and Loch Carron were a delight to the ear.

Callum finished the night with Kenneth J MacLeod, the Gordon Duncan tune, Eileen Mary Connolly and the 2/4 Tom Wilson.


With that it was a week, instead of the normal two, when we had that sense of déjà vu – or was it? The Sons of Scotland made their annual pilgrimage across the pond and, as has become a bit of a tradition, popped their head in the door to listen to few tunes, neck a few drams and generally chew the flat.

With a packed house and a slightly depleted number of Eagles in attendance the evening got off to a rousing start with the P/M – not so fresh after his trip to Lorient – at the helm. Things must have gone well as we recruited a further overseas member – Madeleine King – who signed on the dotted line.


The treat of the evening – apart from Bethany spilling sauce down her blouse- must have been an on form Cameron Drummond. Weary from preparing for the arrival of a new born Cammy got the pipes nailed and treated us to what can only be described as a lesson in Piobaireachd and light music playing.


Mackenzie of Appelcross’s Salute was the tune of choice and – well – it’s not often you find yourself in a club in Edinburgh and being privileged to hear such a tremendous performance.

The thing I love about the Eagles is the depth of talent and when Jenny Hazzard picks up her pipes and plays a Field Marshall medley that steered them toward winning at the worlds – then what better reason do you need to be member – and by the way – I’m with you Jenny, the High Drive has got to be one of my favourite tunes.

Next up was the Captain John MacLellan Dinner where the Eagles manged to fill two tables as well as having members, Iain Speirs and Cameron Drummond performing. It was yet again a fantastic evening, with great food, company and craic and the piping was pretty special also. Glenn Brown was the winner on the day with The Queens Ferry and for those interested we will be looking to put together a couple of tables again next year.

We are on the tele!!! Well maybe. Long standing member Nils Michael – who is originally from Germany has had a German Film crew making a documentary about piping and in particular Nils and his exploits.

Nils has been piping for a couple of seasons with Triumph Street and, as well that, he has been a great supporter of the Eagles.

A special effort was made and kilts, ties and pipes were in abundance and the President was on hand to get us through a few tunes before Nils took to the floor. With makeup applied (only joking) the affable German charmed the interviewer before playing Caber Feidh, Inspector Clueless of Gayfield (shame the P/M was away, I believe it is rapidly becoming one of his favourites) and The Triumph.
A couple of 2/4’s under his belt Nils went on to play, Lady Louden, Tulloch Castle, The Cockerel in the Creel and Duntroon.

I think the folks back in Germany and indeed here will find it a good programme to watch. Hopefully we will get a heads up when it is on.

The night finished with a selection of Hornpipes and Jigs and with that we were done.

So that’s us up to date and not a moment too soon as the next meeting is tomorrow 18th September 2018.

We are trying to gauge is there is any interest from members wishing to travel up to the Glenfiddich on 27th October – if you haven’t expressed and interest and are keen to go then let me know at .

If we have sufficient number will arrange transport and let you know the cost implications.

63159B45-4F53-4FCE-AC65-E04406BCFD0D.jpegIn closing I would just like to say well done to everyone who picked up prizes over the season – there really are too many of you to mention – however, and in particular well done Jenny who played with FMM at the Worlds and Peter McCalister who picked up the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting.

Yours in piping

Craig Robertson

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Guest Piper -16th October 2018


A young Sandy

We are pleased to announce that Sandy Cameron will be our guest piper on Tuesday 16th October.

Sandy is young piper forging a fine reputation in both solos and pipe bands.  His most recent accomplishments include third prize in the Gold Medal at Inverness.  He is also a former World Pipe Band Champion with Field Marshal Montgomery.

Not too bad for a student of Mechanical Engineering.

Please come along and enjoy the music.

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Match Report/News Tuesday 24th July 2018

Eagles emblem 201010 pipers took top the floor and we had a good session going through The Kilworth Hills, Shoals of Herrin and The Argylls Crossing the Rive Po set. We also brushed up the MSR. We will be playing these on the 14th at our worlds week meeting.

The calendar is staring to heat up.

This Saturday is the Scottish Championship at Dumbarton.

UnknownThe meeting on Tuesday 7th August will go ahead with a visiting quartet from Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate. Led by Callum Watson this will be preparation for the Piping Live Quartets. Callum is a well established A grade solo player now and is the current Pipe Sgt. of the band. Here is a photo of him playing at the Eagles in May 2011. He hasn’t changed much ! 🙂IMG_0233

Tuesday 14th August. Extra meeting for worlds week. Guests are more than welcome.

The meeting on the 21st August is cancelled and we will reconvene on Tuesday 4th September.

Tickets are still available for the Captain John A. MacLellan Memorial Dinner.791794EC-DD56-4A68-A8BE-B1B56C190E7B

The Eagle Pipers’ Society.



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Match Report Tuesday 10th July 2018


IMG_5571On the week commencing 1st July 2018 (102 years since the Battle of the Somme) Eagle Pipers, John Fraser and Craig Robertson embarked on what has become an annual pilgrimage to the Somme area of France to commemorate those who had fallen during the Great War.

This year John and Craig were joined by 11 year old Eagle, Josh Robertson (Craig’s son) and as well as paying respects to a number of former pupils of his school Josh piped at many gravesides at the request of relatives of the deceased. Josh displayed great reverence and solemnity throughout and was a credit to himself, his school and the Society.IMG_5403

John Fraser is the consummate professional and he was happy to help Josh with his pipes and it certainly was welcomed.

Included in the trip was a visit to London Cemetery and Extension where John visited the grave of his Grandfather, James Stuart (Gordon Highlanders) and whom was a Second World War casualty.

Craig and Josh visited their relative Ernest William Swiftsure Dobson (38th Battalion, Canadian Infantry) who is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial.

July2018 - 11The lads also visited Bancourt British Cemetery and the graves of pipers Atholl Forbes and Alex Tainsh, 6th Battalion Black Watch, who had played on the 14th July 1916, at the attack on High Wood. Both were killed on 23rd December 1917, when a German plane dropped a bomb on their barracks.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and it is hoped that the lads will continue with their pilgrimage for many years to come.



IMG_9088On a lovely summers night the Eagles took the opportunity to pop outside for a tune and a crowd quickly gathered. Paul (our usual barman) was off duty and had brought along some of his Australian family who were over on holiday. The small ‘band’ played for about 40 minutes or so and included a few family favourites that were easily recognised by the crowd.

After the pies there was time for half an hour on the practice chanter. Lucy’s song, Linda’s Lilt and Blustering Home got a battering! Perhaps tunes away from the norm for some and they will need a bit of work to memorise and get on the pipes.

IMG_9085Onto the pipes and we had a run through The River Po, Shoals of Herring and The Kilworth Hills.

And that was the evenings’ evening.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 24th where we will start with the above group of 3/4s The 24th also sees ex President Colin MacLellan reach bus pass age. Hopefully he will hobble into the Club to celebrate with a pie and a pint.

The Games season is in full flight and it is very pleasing to see so many Eagles ties going around and indeed some picking up some silverware on the way.IMG_5359

It is likely that we will have an extra meeting on the 14thAugust (worlds week) and cancel the following one on the 21st. So that would mean 2 meetings in a row, 7th and 14thAugust and then the next would be 4thSept. This will be confirmed nearer the time

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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Match Report 26th June 2018

With the Pipe Major away on tuning duties and a respectable number of members champing at the bit to crack on with a tune or two – how on earth would we cope?

One of the great things about the Society is the fact that we have many talented members and a number of former Pipe Majors to guide us through an evening, and this evening was no exception.

Kenny McBride, whom, with over 45 years of piping experience under his belt as a soloist and competitor in grade one bands as well having served as Pipe Major of Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band slotted in seamlessly to put us through our paces.

As has become the norm these days, we commenced with the Eagle Pipers March which we are playing at the start of every meeting along with Old Adam and Farewell to the Creeks.

Having got the pipes settled it was very much a case of making some in-roads and consolidating the tunes in the Society book. Those that were expecting an easy time with Euan being absent were sadly mistaken. After an hour, brows were needing mopped and pies were definitely required and so it was on to the post pie piper

Kenny was up first and started with a selection of 4/4’s with included another society march namely Royal Scottish Pipers Society March. It was then on to an MSR and a fantastic rendition of Highland Wedding, Shepherds Crook and Major Manson. Personally I love listening to anything Kenny plays and it certainly set the bench mark extremely high for those that followed.


Nils Michael was up next and he was in fine form. Playing with Dowco and Triumph Street again this year Nils has been extremely busy so it was great to see him at the meeting and even better to give us a wee sample of what we can expect this season for the band.

Nils started with Balmoral Highlanders, Atholl Cummers and Mrs McPherson of Inverran, before taking us through a selection of tunes from the Dowco repertoire. Some fantastic stuff and an amazing listening experience.

89AD1710-D0B3-4611-B905-F65D540C1003.jpegAs Euan eluded to in the last match report Andrew Yu has become a real stalwart of the Society and this evening was no exception.

To start with we had a selection of ¾’s which included The Road to Sham Shui Po and Land of My Youth.

The MSR comprised of a wonderful rendition of Donald Maclellan Of Rothsey, Kirstie MacCallman’s Favourite and John MacInnes before Andrew finished off with the Pipers Bonnet and Alan Macpherson of Mosspark

Below is a link to Andrew playing at Blair Atholl earlier his year.

And with that we were done.

Just a reminder that the Captain John MacLellan dinner is on 26th August 2018 in Edinburgh and Eagle members are eligible for tickets at a discounted rate of £35. Should you require tickets contact me directly at , so until the next meeting have a good one.









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Match report(s)

Tuesday 29th May

IMG_8662We have been a bit tardy with our match reports. The P/M has been on holiday and a shaky hand has been on the tiller!

The 29thMay saw the first committee meeting of the year followed by some excellent piping. After a few tunes from the band Brodie Watson-Massey, who is having another very successful solo season, took to the floor. The pipe quickly settled and he was straight into the big stuff playing The Glengarry Gathering and Hugh Alexander Low of Tiree.

He then went into a slow air, Megan’s Lullaby, followed by a tune he composed himself for his brother, Alfie’s Trombone and another called The Quadrangle. (familiar to all Heriots boys !). After some wee strathspeys and reels he finished off with some excellent finger work, playing tunes that included Golden Brown and The Banjo Breakdown in  reel time signature. Great stuff from one of the great up and coming pipers.IMG_8667

Andrew Yu was up next and in fine form. Andrew really has become a great stalwart of the Eagles and it is nice to have him in the fold.

The final player of the evening was Lachie Dick who, because of work commitments, we haven’t seen for about a year. Lachie is one of the more musical players around and he started off with Blustering Home. With the pipe settled he rattled out an MSR followed by a hornpipe and a few jigs that included The Braes of Mellanish and Duncan Johnstone’s, Ray Anderson.

IMG_8669Another excellent night.




Tuesday 12th June


Ritchie Gardiner

With the P/M still basking in the Cyprus sun the star performer of the night was the Presidents son, Ritchie Gardiner, who was perhaps coerced into playing the evenings Ceol Mor, but none the less he made a splendid job of Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Lament. Haste ye back young man.

And with that we were done.

Tickets are now on sale for the Captain John Maclellan dinner at a reduced members rate of £35 per head. Please contact Craig Robertson to secure your ticket.


Well done son.

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