Match Report Tuesday 3rd March 2020

A relatively small number took to the floor for a tune in preparation for the upcoming  visit to the ‘Jolly boys’ but on the upside we were joined by Eddie Seaman who had a good pre pie session with the band.

IMG_0652Eddie is originally from Edinburgh and went to Edinburgh Academy school where he learned the pipes. Since then he has become a well travelled and seasoned player and studied the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland from until 2013. He has played with the folk band Barluath but has recently returned to The Royal Conservatoire to take his Masters degree.

After the pies Eddie warmed up his pipe with the John MacLellan, Dunoon 3/4 march, The Unknown Warrior. A hornpipe and jig followed and a lovely MSR, kicking off with P/M George Ross’s Farewell to the Black Watch, composed by Wille Lawrie, concluded the light music. 

Eddie then give us Salute to Donald. Nothing much was known of this tune until the Campbell Canntaireachd was “discovered” by chance in the house of Ann Campbell, Oban, in 1909, and the music was transcribed from that record. Presumably the tune is a Salute to one of the MacDonald chiefs. 

Eddie got all the music from this and the pipe was very well balanced and held throughout. What lovely tune. Many thanks Eddie for coming along and playing.IMG_0654

The next meeting is on Tuesday 17th March where we will have a quartet from George Watson’s school. The doors will be open at the earlier time of 19.30hrs so the Eagles can have a wee practice for the Royal Scottish Pipers’ visit on Friday 20th March in their society rooms.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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