Match Report Tuesday 4th February 2020

Despite the recent storms, Ciara and Dennis, and the narrow loss at Murrayfield, spirits were high within the Scots Guards Association Club and some 15 pipers took to the floor for a tune. The 3/4s The Kilworth Hills, The Argyll’s Crossing the River Po (composed by Robert Brown and Eagle piper back in the day) and The Shoals of Herring, got a dusting off and we had a look at the hornpipe and jig, The Train Journey North and The Curlew.

IMG_0584The post pie piper was the President himself who after warming the pipe gave us a lovely The Lament for the Old Sword. A great way to start the new session of Piobaireachd.

The Societies AGM is on Tuesday 18th February 2020 starting at 20.00hrs. Bring your pipes in case it is a quick meeting. Tom Peterkin is on Piob. duties in preparation for the Archie Kenneth Quaich that is on Saturday 29th February in the Royal Scottish Pipers rooms in Edinburgh. The draw isAKQ-the-quaich

1. Allan Harper; 

2. Iain Kirkwood; 

3. Lachlan McDonald; 

4. Aaron Yeung; 

5. James Murray; 

6. James Kenny; 

7. Sandie Greenwood; 

8. Robert Frater; 

9. Gordon Hislop; 

10. Leslie Barrett; 

11. Walter Gray; 

12. Stewart Gaudin; 

13. Janette Greenwood; 

14. Con Houlihan; 

15. Jim Waugh; 

16. Stuart Letford; 

17. John Forbes; 

18. Michael McGowan; 

19. Evan Wraga; 

20. Stewart Allan; 

21. Tom Peterkin; 

22. Andrea Jones; 

23. Andrew Park; 

24. Gill Cairns;

25. Neill Mulvie; 

26. Dugald MacLeod.

The judges are Patricia Henderson and Donald MacPhee.


Archie Kenneth

Nice to see a smattering of Eagles on the list.

The Scots Guards KO continues on Sunday 23rd February, 16.00hrs. Calum Brown v Bradley Parker. 

Please come along to the AGM if you can or write to the Secretary Craig Robertson if you have any thoughts or matters that you wished raised under AOCB.

Euan Anderson

Hon Pipe Major

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