Match Report Tuesday 29th October 2019

Johnston_Finlay_Glenfiddich2019The Glenfiddich has come and gone and many congratulations to Finlay Johnston who won the overall with a second in both disciplines. Hats off to Glenn Brown for his win in the piobaireachd and to Connor Sinclair who capped a marvellous debut with a win in the MSR.

Anne Spalding was awarded this years Balvenie medal for services to piping which was presented by Andrew Bertoff.Spalding_Anne__Glenfiddich2019_2

The Eagles bus did make it despite the sleep in from Rip Van Winkle Dewar who had an extra 40 winks. (no one will ever mention this again!) However the bus arrived in time for the start and the boys did not miss any of the great piping.

The piping quiz on the way up was won by Iain MacDonald and the general knowledge on the way down by Tom Lewin.

Perhaps the answer of the day goes to Nils Michael who answered the question, ‘What does ‘Caber Feidh Gu Brath’ mean? with ‘No parking at any time!’

As a result of the Glenfiddich we missed the first round of the Scots Guards KO competition that was won by Brìghde Chaimbeul. The next round is on Sunday 24th November.

IMG_0073The band numbered about 14 pipers despite quite a few regulars being missing. The sound took a bit of time to get there and as a rule of thumb chanters should be in the ball park of 487/480 at the start. If the chanters are all over the place the drones are impossible to get tuned together. The session lasted for well over an hour and there will be another big session in 2 weeks time in preparation for our visit from The Glasgow Highland Club on 26th November. Work to be on the Strathspey and Reel.

The post pie piper was Tom Lewin who kicked off with a couple of 6/8 marches. Tom then played an unusual waltz that he composed himself, The Perrins in Pennan ( a small village in Aberdeenshire). Tom finished with some hornpipe and jigs that included an old favourite Tam Bains Lum, composed by Donald Shaw Ramsay. The tune was reportedly written about a chimney (‘lum’) in Laurieston, near Falkirk, in the shape of Abe Lincoln’s hat. It was part of a row of tenement houses and owned by a fellow named Tam Bain. Ramsay was apparently quite taken by the sight and named this tune after it.IMG_0072

And with that we were done. 

The piping train rolls down to London on Friday for the Bratach Gorm and another great weekend of piping awaits.

Hope to see you all in two weeks time on Tuesday 12th November.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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