Match Report Tuesday 27th November 2018

L1000920The penultimate night of the year saw another great turnout and starting sharp at 20.00hrs the band gave a good solid hour of tunes from the book. Cabar Feidh is coming along nicely and Andrew Warnock is next on the list to be learned.

The pie break was most welcome but the band took to the floor post pies to have a couple of run throughs of the MSR. The March and Strathspey were first class but the reel is in need of a bit more spit and polish.L1000921

Tonights solo spot saw the President, Douglas Gardiner, step through some excellent light music tunes that included a big MSR. He also played a couple of jigs starting with the great Kenny Gillies of Portnalong. A high bench mark for those thinking about playing in the next meetings members’ competition!

L1000922Douglas then gave the pipe a final tweak before giving the audience a very musical ‘The Desperate Battle of the Birds’. Douglas has had this in his repertoire for some time and has all the subtle little touches down to a fine art.

And with that we were done. You can hear Douglas’s tune at our You Tube Channel


IMG_9841Cameron MacDougal made it through the first round of the Scots Guards KO competition and round 2 is on Sunday 9th December. This will be followed by a Fred Morrison recital at the Club that is likely to be very popular so get your tickets if you don’t already have them.

Our final night of the year will be on Tuesday 11thDecember where Douglas Gardiner will run a members Slow Air and Jig competition. Two lady judges will preside on the bench and the contest will be run under a handicap system similar to golf, the better players playing off scratch and so on.  The President will explain all on the night. A dozen or so entries are expected so please get there sharp IMG_9838so we can organise the draw.

There will be prizes for, most enjoyable performance, the most entertaining break down, the best dressed and a mystery award.

Please come along and if you are a member and fancy a tune, it is entries on the night.


See you then.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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