Match Report Tuesday 30th October 2018

IMG_7839On the eve of Halloween some 16 pipers took to the floor for a tune and the pies and a pint were very welcome at the break.

Post pies the group did some work on the strathspey and reel before Lachie Dick gave us a few solo tunes. Lachie has just finished a night shift week and due to his medical duties we don’t get to hear much from him, so his visit was most welcome. Lachie played a few 2/4marches before ending off with 3 or 4 first class jigs that included the unusual Duncan Johnston composition, Ray Anderson.



To finish the night up popped another stranger in the form of Tam Peterkin. Having escaped parental duties for the evening Tam gave us a very musical light music selection.

And with that we were done.



In two weeks we will be having a go at the 4/4 marches Caber Feidh and Andrew Warnock so please have a look at them.

The big London competition awaits this weekend so good luck to all the competitors.



Euan Anderson

Hon P/M




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