Match Report August 2018

I know, I know, I know, it’s a bit late but, what a month!

We have had Eagles flying all over the place, from judges, Gold Medallists, winners at the Worlds, people participating at the Tattoo and those that have been competing at the various games up and down the country and those competing in bands.

There has actually been so much happening that it has been hard to keep track.

Whilst that’s all been going on, there are those who have been steadfastly attending the meetings and despite a slightly depleted number it has been great to see you all.


We were extremely privileged to have Callum Watson visit us in early August along with a quartet from Boghall and Bathgate. Callum and the guys treated the assembled to the set they went on to play at Piping Live the following week before the smell of the pies brought their performance to an end.


The post pie piper was indeed Callum and he effortlessly took us through a series of 6/8’s before launching in to the Caledonian Society of London and McAllister’s Dirk. The 4/4’s Garden of Skye and The Intercontinental Gathering were next up and with his pipes sounding absolutely solid Miss Elspeth Campbell, Caber Feidh and Loch Carron were a delight to the ear.

Callum finished the night with Kenneth J MacLeod, the Gordon Duncan tune, Eileen Mary Connolly and the 2/4 Tom Wilson.


With that it was a week, instead of the normal two, when we had that sense of déjà vu – or was it? The Sons of Scotland made their annual pilgrimage across the pond and, as has become a bit of a tradition, popped their head in the door to listen to few tunes, neck a few drams and generally chew the flat.

With a packed house and a slightly depleted number of Eagles in attendance the evening got off to a rousing start with the P/M – not so fresh after his trip to Lorient – at the helm. Things must have gone well as we recruited a further overseas member – Madeleine King – who signed on the dotted line.


The treat of the evening – apart from Bethany spilling sauce down her blouse- must have been an on form Cameron Drummond. Weary from preparing for the arrival of a new born Cammy got the pipes nailed and treated us to what can only be described as a lesson in Piobaireachd and light music playing.


Mackenzie of Appelcross’s Salute was the tune of choice and – well – it’s not often you find yourself in a club in Edinburgh and being privileged to hear such a tremendous performance.

The thing I love about the Eagles is the depth of talent and when Jenny Hazzard picks up her pipes and plays a Field Marshall medley that steered them toward winning at the worlds – then what better reason do you need to be member – and by the way – I’m with you Jenny, the High Drive has got to be one of my favourite tunes.

Next up was the Captain John MacLellan Dinner where the Eagles manged to fill two tables as well as having members, Iain Speirs and Cameron Drummond performing. It was yet again a fantastic evening, with great food, company and craic and the piping was pretty special also. Glenn Brown was the winner on the day with The Queens Ferry and for those interested we will be looking to put together a couple of tables again next year.

We are on the tele!!! Well maybe. Long standing member Nils Michael – who is originally from Germany has had a German Film crew making a documentary about piping and in particular Nils and his exploits.

Nils has been piping for a couple of seasons with Triumph Street and, as well that, he has been a great supporter of the Eagles.

A special effort was made and kilts, ties and pipes were in abundance and the President was on hand to get us through a few tunes before Nils took to the floor. With makeup applied (only joking) the affable German charmed the interviewer before playing Caber Feidh, Inspector Clueless of Gayfield (shame the P/M was away, I believe it is rapidly becoming one of his favourites) and The Triumph.
A couple of 2/4’s under his belt Nils went on to play, Lady Louden, Tulloch Castle, The Cockerel in the Creel and Duntroon.

I think the folks back in Germany and indeed here will find it a good programme to watch. Hopefully we will get a heads up when it is on.

The night finished with a selection of Hornpipes and Jigs and with that we were done.

So that’s us up to date and not a moment too soon as the next meeting is tomorrow 18th September 2018.

We are trying to gauge is there is any interest from members wishing to travel up to the Glenfiddich on 27th October – if you haven’t expressed and interest and are keen to go then let me know at .

If we have sufficient number will arrange transport and let you know the cost implications.

63159B45-4F53-4FCE-AC65-E04406BCFD0D.jpegIn closing I would just like to say well done to everyone who picked up prizes over the season – there really are too many of you to mention – however, and in particular well done Jenny who played with FMM at the Worlds and Peter McCalister who picked up the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting.

Yours in piping

Craig Robertson


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