Match Report/News Tuesday 24th July 2018

Eagles emblem 201010 pipers took top the floor and we had a good session going through The Kilworth Hills, Shoals of Herrin and The Argylls Crossing the Rive Po set. We also brushed up the MSR. We will be playing these on the 14th at our worlds week meeting.

The calendar is staring to heat up.

This Saturday is the Scottish Championship at Dumbarton.

UnknownThe meeting on Tuesday 7th August will go ahead with a visiting quartet from Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate. Led by Callum Watson this will be preparation for the Piping Live Quartets. Callum is a well established A grade solo player now and is the current Pipe Sgt. of the band. Here is a photo of him playing at the Eagles in May 2011. He hasn’t changed much ! 🙂IMG_0233

Tuesday 14th August. Extra meeting for worlds week. Guests are more than welcome.

The meeting on the 21st August is cancelled and we will reconvene on Tuesday 4th September.

Tickets are still available for the Captain John A. MacLellan Memorial Dinner.791794EC-DD56-4A68-A8BE-B1B56C190E7B

The Eagle Pipers’ Society.




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