Match Report Tuesday 10th July 2018


IMG_5571On the week commencing 1st July 2018 (102 years since the Battle of the Somme) Eagle Pipers, John Fraser and Craig Robertson embarked on what has become an annual pilgrimage to the Somme area of France to commemorate those who had fallen during the Great War.

This year John and Craig were joined by 11 year old Eagle, Josh Robertson (Craig’s son) and as well as paying respects to a number of former pupils of his school Josh piped at many gravesides at the request of relatives of the deceased. Josh displayed great reverence and solemnity throughout and was a credit to himself, his school and the Society.IMG_5403

John Fraser is the consummate professional and he was happy to help Josh with his pipes and it certainly was welcomed.

Included in the trip was a visit to London Cemetery and Extension where John visited the grave of his Grandfather, James Stuart (Gordon Highlanders) and whom was a Second World War casualty.

Craig and Josh visited their relative Ernest William Swiftsure Dobson (38th Battalion, Canadian Infantry) who is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial.

July2018 - 11The lads also visited Bancourt British Cemetery and the graves of pipers Atholl Forbes and Alex Tainsh, 6th Battalion Black Watch, who had played on the 14th July 1916, at the attack on High Wood. Both were killed on 23rd December 1917, when a German plane dropped a bomb on their barracks.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and it is hoped that the lads will continue with their pilgrimage for many years to come.



IMG_9088On a lovely summers night the Eagles took the opportunity to pop outside for a tune and a crowd quickly gathered. Paul (our usual barman) was off duty and had brought along some of his Australian family who were over on holiday. The small ‘band’ played for about 40 minutes or so and included a few family favourites that were easily recognised by the crowd.

After the pies there was time for half an hour on the practice chanter. Lucy’s song, Linda’s Lilt and Blustering Home got a battering! Perhaps tunes away from the norm for some and they will need a bit of work to memorise and get on the pipes.

IMG_9085Onto the pipes and we had a run through The River Po, Shoals of Herring and The Kilworth Hills.

And that was the evenings’ evening.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 24th where we will start with the above group of 3/4s The 24th also sees ex President Colin MacLellan reach bus pass age. Hopefully he will hobble into the Club to celebrate with a pie and a pint.

The Games season is in full flight and it is very pleasing to see so many Eagles ties going around and indeed some picking up some silverware on the way.IMG_5359

It is likely that we will have an extra meeting on the 14thAugust (worlds week) and cancel the following one on the 21st. So that would mean 2 meetings in a row, 7th and 14thAugust and then the next would be 4thSept. This will be confirmed nearer the time

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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