Match report(s)

Tuesday 29th May

IMG_8662We have been a bit tardy with our match reports. The P/M has been on holiday and a shaky hand has been on the tiller!

The 29thMay saw the first committee meeting of the year followed by some excellent piping. After a few tunes from the band Brodie Watson-Massey, who is having another very successful solo season, took to the floor. The pipe quickly settled and he was straight into the big stuff playing The Glengarry Gathering and Hugh Alexander Low of Tiree.

He then went into a slow air, Megan’s Lullaby, followed by a tune he composed himself for his brother, Alfie’s Trombone and another called The Quadrangle. (familiar to all Heriots boys !). After some wee strathspeys and reels he finished off with some excellent finger work, playing tunes that included Golden Brown and The Banjo Breakdown in  reel time signature. Great stuff from one of the great up and coming pipers.IMG_8667

Andrew Yu was up next and in fine form. Andrew really has become a great stalwart of the Eagles and it is nice to have him in the fold.

The final player of the evening was Lachie Dick who, because of work commitments, we haven’t seen for about a year. Lachie is one of the more musical players around and he started off with Blustering Home. With the pipe settled he rattled out an MSR followed by a hornpipe and a few jigs that included The Braes of Mellanish and Duncan Johnstone’s, Ray Anderson.

IMG_8669Another excellent night.




Tuesday 12th June


Ritchie Gardiner

With the P/M still basking in the Cyprus sun the star performer of the night was the Presidents son, Ritchie Gardiner, who was perhaps coerced into playing the evenings Ceol Mor, but none the less he made a splendid job of Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Lament. Haste ye back young man.

And with that we were done.

Tickets are now on sale for the Captain John Maclellan dinner at a reduced members rate of £35 per head. Please contact Craig Robertson to secure your ticket.


Well done son.


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