Match Report Tuesday 15th May 2018

Untitled 1The band was in fine form as the heat was turned up in preparation for the  meeting with the Royal Scottish Pipers Society on Friday 25th May.  A good solid hour of playing built up quite the thirst. After the pies we were pleased to welcome Jimmy Carnegie to the fold for a tune. Jimmy is a long time friend of Douglas Gardiners and despite that he turned out to be a welcome addition to the company (just joking D).


Jimmy Carnegie

Jimmy started off with some light music that included some 2/4 marches followed by a few jigs before giving us an unusual setting of Too Long in this Condition. Jimmy stays in Cambridge and is a pupil of Barnaby Brown who gave him this version. Barnaby is a very interesting character and his web site is worth a visit

Jimmy’s setting generated quite an interesting discussion about playing different settings of tunes in competition.


Barnaby Brown

There is no doubt that with more modern tunes being set and played and players willing to experiment, that there is every possibility that a judge may not be entirely familiar with what the piper is trying to play, thus it is always a good idea to present the panel with a copy of what is going to be played, with some sort of authority to support it.  Certainly the judge’s bench will always be receptive to hearing something different from the norm.

IMG_8604Anyway it was great to meet and hear Jimmy. Good luck in the amateur clasp competitions this season.

On another matter Martin Wilson Senior, who is now a regular at the meetings, brought along a copy of a tune he has recently composed, the Holy Loch.

The Holy Loch is a sea loch, a part of the Cowal peninsula coast in Argyll and Bute. The name is believed to date from the 6th century, when Saint Munn landed there after leaving Ireland.IMG_8578

During World War II, the loch was used as a British Royal Navy submarine base. From 1961–1992, it was used as a United States Navy Polaris and Poseidon nuclear submarine base. In 1992, the Holy Loch base was deemed unnecessary following the demise of the Soviet Union and subsequently closed.


The Holy Loch

Please come along on Friday 25th May to support the Society at the meeting with the Royal Scottish Pipers’ rooms.

Hope to see you there.



Euan Anderson

Hon. Pipe Major


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