Match Report Tuesday 17th October 2017

The King is dead. Long live the King.

IMG_7732The circle of life is exactly that. With the passing of Bob Kilgour, (funeral arrangements- Warriston Crematorium, Thursday 26th at 13.00hrs.), you automatically feel an unfillable void has been created in the piping world. While the evening was to be dedicated to his memory young Josh Robertson, aged 10, had never heard of him and unabashed got the pipe out the box ready for a tune. Bob would have been so pleased to see a youngster, who has just made it onto the pipes with 2 tunes under his belt, step up to the plate. He would have said something like ‘ Well young man, let’s see what you have got for us’IMG_7766

So the band took to the floor and welcomed our other new addition to the fold Kiwi, Elliot Couper. Now Bob would have taken one look at Elliot’s pipe and an eyebrow would have gone north. A touch of TLC and maintenance required on the old pipe but what a lovely set of drones they are.

IMG_7770With the band on a mission it was ten past nine before a pie and a pint were welcome guests. Time was spent on the 3-4 set P/M J.K. Cairns, The Banks of Allan Water and My Land. These will be played at the next meeting.

After the pies the Pipe Major took some time to pay tribute to Bob Kilgour telling the company a bit about his background, a few stories and of course a few of Bob’s idiosyncrasies, some of which the P/M has adopted. ‘Who’s next for shaving’ would be Bob’s cry when looking for the next piper to take the floor, followed by a quick look at the pocket watch.IMG_7767

And with that said the P/M played a few tunes in tribute to Bob that included the beautiful 3/4 march, The Kilworth Hills, a tune Bob played regularly when settling his pipe.

Now who was going to follow that? Josh Robertson. That’s who. ‘I have no drones going and can only play 2 tunes. Bonnie Galloway and The Rowan Tree it was. Josh made such a good job of them we IMG_7774have decided to include these tunes in the next print of the Society’s book of tunes. They are now in the band repertoire.

Next up was George Campbell who, once he had warmed the pipe with a couple of 6/8s, gave us the 2/4 marches Duncan MacFadyen of Melfort and Donald MacLellan of Rothesay. George finished his spot with a hornpipe and jig that started with Chasing Shadows.



Fergus Perks was the final player of the night and he was straight into the big stuff with The Braes of Castle Grant, Atholl Cummers and Locheil’s Away to France. A great reel with quite a bit of history behind it.



‘Donald Cameron of Lochiel 1700 –1748), was an influential Highland Chief known for his magnanimous and gallant nature. He was the hereditary leader of Clan Cameron, traditionally loyal to the exiled House of Stuart, whose leaders had once been tasked with enforcing the King of Scotland’s will in the Highlands. By the early eighteenth century, the Camerons’ supremacy was being overtaken by the rival Campbell’s Lochiel’s support for Bonnie Prince Charlie was pivotal to the Jacobite Rising of 1745, However, he was effectively pushed into a corner by the issue of a warrant for his arrest for conspiring with the Stuarts. 

Donald Cameron of Lochiel was the eldest son of the 18th Chief, Lord Lochiel.

After his father, a key participant in the Jacobite Rising of 1715, fled into permanent exile in France, Donald Cameron assumed the role of acting Clan Chief at a time when the old customs were rapidly changing. ‘



Fergus finished his spot with a slow air and a couple of jigs and with that we were done. Excellent stuff.

It was nice to see two old soldiers keeping an eye on proceedings, George Lumsden and Martin Wilson, both looking well and in fine form.

IMG_7773A couple of the new Eagles Pipers’ umbrellas flew off the shelf. £25 to members. £30 to non members.



The next big piping occasion is the Glenfiddich Piping Championships on Saturday 28th October and there is a round of the knock out competition in the Scots Guards Club the following day, Sunday 29th at 16.00hrs, where Ben Duncan is taking on John Dew.

See you at our next meeting on Tuesday 31st October.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


P/M Robert Kilgour


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