Match report Tuesday 11th July 2017

19665197_1904848193104318_3238615144021440723_nAs we fished the pipes out the box for a tune it was nice to hear about the travels of Craig Robertson and John Fraser, who had returned home after a visit to the grave of Brigadier General Duncan J. Glasfurd, who is buried at Heilly Station Cemetery on the Somme.

He was killed on 12th November 1916 and was a member of the Scottish Pipers Society, (Later to be known as the Royal Scottish Pipers Society) The boys were over for another visit to the First World War battlefields. John posted this on his FB page

” They remain there still in their hallowed ground, the ones that gave so much, but we return to our daily lives from their world so out of touch, but to be there in the places where they fought and died and bled.”

FullSizeRenderThe band rattled through quite a few tunes before the pies emerged from the kitchen.

The PPP was Colin MacLellan, who was just back from one of his many international jaunts. After a few warm up tunes Colin regaled the company with a theory/ story about moisture control, based on the ‘Joule-Kelvin’ effect.IMG_5400

The theory is about the change in temperature that accompanies expansion of a gas without production of work or transfer of heat. At ordinary temperatures and pressures, all real gases except hydrogen and helium cool upon such expansion; this phenomenon often is utilized in liquefying gases. The phenomenon was investigated in 1852 by the British physicists James Prescott Joule and William


Lord Kelvin

Thomson (Lord Kelvin). Ask Colin about it the next time you see him. It is riveting stuff.

Version 2

The new shooose

Colin concluded his spot with a very ‘sneaky’ MSR that kicked off with Jeannie Carruthers.

Next up for his inaugural performance was new member Tom Lewin, another ex police officer and former L and B band member. Tom is quite the character and is a very welcome addition to the company.


Tom Lewin

Next was Iain Dewar who, on a very nice Gillanders and McLeod pipe, gave us a few tunes before finishing with the ground of The Lament for the Old Sword.IMG_5407

The final player of the night was Harris Maclennan, who had brought along his own fan club, George and Matt Wilson. Harris is no stranger to the Eagles and it was nice to hear him once again. He is currently playing with FMM and is in fine form. He concluded his spot



with an unusual setting of Lucy Cassidy that had more than a FMM flavour to it.

And that was the evenings evening.

Word on the street is that Tracey Williams is back in Scotland after nearly an absence of 4 years. Get yer erse along to the next meeting in 2 weeks time T.

On that subject Ben Duncan is coming along on Tuesday 25th July for a tune so please make an effort to come along for a listen.

Tickets are still available for the Captain John MacLellan Memorial dinner on Saturday 26th August.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

PS The Scots Guards Association Club is currently offering reduced membership rates. The benefits are, apart from supporting the Club, that members pay slightly less for bar purchases. Application forms can be obtained from the bar staff.


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