Match Report Tuesday 27th June 2017

Who ate all the pies? We will get to that later.

IMG_5294We were delighted to welcome Ally Henderson and three of his charges from George Heriot’s School into the fold for a tune. Two of the trio are regulars, Brodie Watson Massey and Chris Happs but Bruce Gardiner was a welcome addition.IMG_5282

It is always a real boost to see and hear young pipers at the Eagles, but with a few FP’s in the audience there is always a strong affinity with Heriots. After our band had played a few tunes the trio came marching in with the 6/8 march, Angus MacKinnon, composed by Donald Shaw Ramsay.

IMG_5283Angus MacKinnon was a native of South Uist. With 30 years service in the Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band up until the mid-1950s, he was one of the longest serving members in the band. He served under at least three pipe-majors  – Hance Gates, Duncan Cameron and Donald Shaw Ramsay. Angus MacKinnon was first published in 1953 in the first Edcath Collection, which was compiled by Ramsay and published by Hugh MacPherson.Angus_MacKinnon_score

A great tune and it was the last tune played by the Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band when the Force ceased to exist due to the emergence of Police Scotland.

The boys then went into a set that began with the Robert Mathieson composition, The First 100, followed by Gordon Duncan’s, The Soup Dragon. The boys finished with a bit of their medley and by this time they were relaxed and the pipes were singing. What a start to the night.



First up was Chris Happs who kicked off his spot with the lovely 12/8 march, Ian McMaster, written by Lincoln Hilton. For those not familiar with Lincoln’s work he is worth a bit of research on You Tube. A fantastic musical talent. Below is the link to Lincoln playing his tune

Chris then gave us the ground of Cabar Feidh gu Brath before finishing with a flourish, playing some hornpipes and jigs.



While the pies were being served Bruce Gardiner took to the floor and eased himself in with Cullen Bay. He then went into the slow air, Leaving Ireland, before hammering out some excellent reels. This was Bruce’s first time at the Eagles and we hope that this is the first of many visits. Great stuff.

IMG_5295Time for a short break and a pie. This is apart from the Pipe Major, as the locusts had scoffed the lot while he tended to his guests. Names were taken and evidence obtained.

The final player of the evening was Brodie Watson-Massey who started with the 9/8 march, Major Alister Ritchie. A competition MSR followed and you could tell Brodie was in fine form and just warming up.


The Piemen

A Gaelic Air was followed by the waltz, Richard’s Gone Bananas, (that can be found in Terry Tully’s book) and then Jig of Slurs in waltz time that led into the jig itself.



Brodie finished off the evening with the ground of The Lament for Captain MacDougall.

What a great evening and we can’t thank the young guys enough for coming along and giving us such wonderful entertainment.

A reminder that the Captain John Maclellan Memorial dinner tickets are now on sale.





Euan Anderson

Hon P(ieless)/M




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  1. Hi there! I will be in Edinburgh on July 11th. Could you tell me is it possible to visit you during the next meeting of Eagle Pipers? What time does the meeting start?

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