Match Report Tuesday 22nd March 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 00.34.19On a dreich Edinburgh night 10 pipers took to the floor and tackled a few tunes from the new book. With a bit of work on the drones an acceptable sound was found and it looks like everyone is enjoying the new format.

During the pie break young Amara Taylor played us her second tune, Tha mi Sgith, (I Am Weary) on the chanter and was thrilled when Jenny was able to tell her all about the tune and how it could be played in different styles. The tune is also known as The Weary Maid or Brain a Rainich -cutting bracken (ferns)IMG_4894

The post pie piper was John Fraser who took to the floor with little persuasion and trotted out half a dozen Scots Guards Company marches that started off with Greenwoodside. And with that he was done.

IMG_4896Alan Harper was up next and settled the pipe with a couple of 3/4s before giving us a bit of Too Long in this Condition. Alan has been working hard on his instrument and the drone quality was very nice.IMG_4899

The final player of the evening was Iain Speirs, who does not manage along as often as he would like, but it is always well worth the wait. As you would expect from one of Scotlands top players his pipe was immaculate as was his playing.

IMG_4902How nice is it to have a home for piping where you can have an 8 year old play her second tune on the chanter and end the night with a top flight artist. With the two young Heriots lads playing at the last meeting and an enthusiasm for the band format perhaps piping societies are still current and viable to run?

On that topic The Eagle Pipers have been invited to present at the annual College of Piping lecture this Friday, 24th March at the Birnam Hotel, the subject matter being, ‘Piping Societies in the Modern Era’. They will be joined by The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society. It won’t be all chat as music will be provided by Jenny Hazzard, Iain Speirs and Roddy McLeod. This event traditionally kicks off the Piobaireachd Society conference that is held over the weekend.

Tunes to work on for the next meeting, The Gardens of Skye, Flett from Flotta and Old Adam and Farewell to the Creeks. Bag covers will also be available. Great value at £30.P1010499

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks Tuesday 4th April.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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