Match Report 7th March 2017


The Society Tunes

Apologies for late reporting of events on the 7th, generally I am not one for excuses however, 21 -61? It was a real shock to my system. That being said, I expect the boys to pick themselves up, dust themselves down and put on a good show against Italy this weekend coming.


Speaking of good shows Tuesday 7th was an absolute treat – I will come to all that in a minute.

We had another good turnout with 14 pipers and half a dozen spectators. The evening began with the handing out of the ‘Eagle Piper’s Society Tunes’.

Since the AGM, the book has been put together by the P/M and it is hoped that it will encourage those who attend the meetings to bring their pipes along and join in for a wee band session prior to those – who are of a mind – playing a solo spot.

It is really about playing the pipes more than the tunes, and, it is hoped that it will inspire those who would normally sit back and listen (myself included) to get up play a wee solo piece.

In the absence of the P/M, John Fraser put us through our paces with the 2/4, 3/4 and 6/8 sets and paid his subs. Cheers John!


John having a tune

Just a quick note here – we are working through the membership list and those of you with up to date memberships will be receiving your copy in the post. There are some records needing confirmed (addresses etc.) so will be in touch via email to get those details.

The night thereafter progressed and we were blessed to have some fantastic talent in our midst in the form of two young Heriot’s lads (and Eagle members) namely Brodie Watson-Massey and Chris Happs from Heriots.Heriots logo

Brodie started off the evening with the 2/4’s Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque and The Argyllshire Gathering. A wee adjustment of the drones and he was back on it with the Strathspey ( Catlodge) and Reel (John McKechnie).



It was at this point the real fun began and if you follow the link you’ll see what I mean :

The post pipe piper was Chris Happs who got things started with Hugh Kennedy and P/M Sandy Spence. Chris was effortlessly into his stride and the Hornpipe and Jig set comprising of No Regrets, Pitlochry High School, Bronnis Blue Brozzi and the Banjo Breakdown (with a twist) was out of this world. His final set can be found here: .

Both these guys were extremely modest as well as talented and are a credit to themselves,

Untitled 1


their parents and their school. Well done lads and thank you.

Gordon Hislop thereafter took to the floor for the piobaireachd, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute (composed by Angus MacKay of Gairloch in 1761). Gordon explained that there is still a dichotomy regarding how this tune should be played. Is it a salute commemorating the birth of a son or a lament mourning the death of a father? Gordon chose to play it as the former and this was an inspired choice. A wonderful warm tone emanated from the drones, a beautifully balanced chanter, great expression and a truly sublime crunluath a mach. A great recital indeed which many commented on.Untitled2

And after all that it was time for the night to end – ‘closing time already?’ was the cry from the stalls, but not quite – John Fraser played us out with The Black Watch and Scots Guards Polka.

See you On Tuesday 21st and bring the pipe.

Craig Robertson



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