Match Report Tuesday 7th February 2017

img_4459Tonight was the first of the years ‘special’ evenings that saw Douglas Gardiner take the reigns to run a Ceol Mor based night. To get things underway the band took to the floor and some 13 pipers blasted out a few sets before we got to the serious business.img_4440

First up was Kenny McBride and with little fuss he was straight into one of the great tunes, Lord Lovat’s Lament. It must have been quite a few years since Kenny has played a piobaireachd in public but what a


Kenny McBride

start to the night. A strong tune with excellent technique saw the night get off to a first class start.  George Campbell took us to the pie break with a very nice ground of Corrienessians Salute and the ambience of the night was set.

The pie break had a bit of a twist to it as Douglas ran a small piobaireachd quiz.


George Campbell

Several teams were formed and monitors were put in place to ensure Mr Google did not get involved. Half an hour later saw a tie between team MacLellan/Hazzard and McCalister and team Peterkin and Anderson, both on 12 points. A tie break question secured a win for the P and A who


The pensioners

were awarded a bag of fruit gums and Wether’s Originals for their efforts. No expense spared on the prizes !

The post pie/quiz piper was Iain Dewar who gave us the ground of Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick. Jenny Hazzard was next with the ground of The Edinburgh


Iain Dewar

Piobaireachd and this was followed by Peter McCalister, who played one of this years silver medal set tunes, Peter James MacInnes Lullaby, also known as Cronan Phadruig Seamus, composed by Donald MacLeod circa 1960.

An interesting tune worthy of serious consideration for the list, but you need to have a good piob. high G to do it justice. Fortunately Peter’s was spot on and we were treated to a lovely rendition of this little heard modern tune. Peter claimed the prize ( a bag of wine gums) for the

img_4454most modern Piobaireachd of the evening only to be reminded, by a very modest Jenny Hazzard, that The Edinburgh Piobaireachd was composed in the 1980s. The good Doctor made rather feeble attempt to pass over the wine gums but Jenny politely declined. Had it been a pint of Best the outcome may have been different?

The last nugget of the night came from Tom Peterkin who gave us img_4452the ground of Tulloch Ard. Despite expecting his second child Tom is still aiming to give the Archie Kenneth Quaich a tilt later this year.

And with that we were done. Great music, minimal tuning and good craic.



Tam ready for action

Back to normal on Tuesday 21st so please come along and have a tune with the band.

See you then

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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