Eagle Pipers AGM 22nd November 2016

P1010483Despite phase 2 of the Society being in existence for some 6 years the first AGM was held last week.

Now there has been the odd committee meeting, where the piping world was put to rights, but due to the large amount of gin consumed, all the productive decisions were forgotten by the following morning. While this informal approach was well received by the committee, it was decided that a bit more structure was required, to see where the Society is at and what the future holds.

In brief the Society is to continue in its current form with fortnightly meetings (every second Tuesday) in the Scots Guards Association Club in Edinburgh with the evenings being run by the Hon. Pipe Major. There will be more communal piping, with perhaps the pre pie slot being dedicated to members and guests playing as a band.

There was discussion about resurrecting the famous March Strathspey and Reel/Hornpipe and Jig competition, for premier competitors, that was such a huge success in days gone by. A sub committee will look at options with a view to the possibility of linking the event into the fringe festival.

Membership and payment options are to be revised.

Full minutes of the meeting will be available from Douglas Gardiner in due course but the office bearers and committee going forward into 2017 are:

Hon. President                       Colin MacLellan         colin@pipereeds.com

Secretary                                Craig Robertson        thedon1969@hotmail.co.uk

Treasurer                               Iain Speirs                  iain.speirs@sky.com

Communications Sec.            Douglas Gardiner     doug.gardiner1@btinternet.com

Hon Pipe Major                     Euan Anderson         euananderson@me.com


Jenny Hazzard                       Jenny.Hazzard@energisedenvironments.com

Peter McCalister                    peter.mccalister@doctors.org.uk

Cameron Drummond           camerondrummond@hotmail.com


The Eagle Pipers’ Society



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