Match Report ‘Pre Worlds’ meeting 9th August 2016

FFF7F3F9_5056_A318_A8DD881B86CE84CCThe annual pilgrimage goes on for the Sons of Scotland pipeband as they once again joined us for a tune, pie and a pint. The band is in their 120th year and P/M Bethany Bisaillion is showing no signs of slowing down. Fellow Canadians, The Black Watch Association Pipes and Drums of Montreal, joined the throng and we were all set for a cracking night.

First up was a trio from RAF Waddington/Halton who are competing in grade 2 this weekend. The P/M has been roped in this year and he was joined by fellow reprobates Douglas Gardiner and Zac Stimson.



The boys settled the pipes with a couple of 3/4 marches that included the little heard Jim Thompsan of Flagstaff, before going into their first MSR that kicked off with P/M J McWilliams. A quick tune of the drones and they were straight into their other MSR The Clan McRae Society, Dora McLeod and The Smith of Chilliechassie. This was followed


Zac Stimson

by their medley that started with the Niall Matheson tune, The Mokwa. The boys sat down for a well earned beer to rapturous applause and hopefully they can produce that form at the weekend.


Chris Happs was up next and was quickly into his stride with an MSR that started with Hugh Kennedy. He finished with a slow air and Fred Morrison’s jig, Skye, named for Celtic Arts Foundation Founder and Executive Director, Skye Richendrfer of Mount Vernon, WA.



Pies. 40 of them and they went like snow of a dyke. Wanda from Canada declared them the best meat pie she had ever tasted. Standing at barely 5 feet tall she managed two! Good effort.

The PPP Brodie Watson-Massey gave us an MSR that started with the great Abercairney Highlanders. He finished off with the RS MacDonald tune Last Tango in Harris. Roddy



is in town just now playing at the Edinburgh Tattoo so a couple of beers and a catch is very much on the cards at some stage.


Tom Peterkin was ‘next for shaving’ (one of P/M Bob Kilgour’s favourite sayings) and Tom was not to be outdone by the youngsters giving us the MSR Leaving Glenurquhart, Maggie Cameron and Mrs MacPherson of Inveran.







The final player of the night, resplendent in the new air cushioned Ally McCoist boats, was Andrew Gray. Andrew has settled into his new piping instructors post in Banff and is enjoying his first school holiday break. He was in great form and played a wide selection of light music before concluding his spot with a lovely rendition of Salute to Donald, which was a set tune for the Silver medal back in 2012 so nice to see that Andrew has kept it going.


The air cushioned AMBs

And with that the night was over in the blink of an eye. As some headed home to charge the batteries for the weekend others stayed out for a night-cap. Tradition and all that!!

Best of luck to everyone involved at the weekend. The mecca that is ‘Piping Live’ beckons.

There will be a meeting next Tuesday 16th August and Bruce and Alex Gandy will be preforming at the Guards Club on Tuesday 30th.


Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

PS. Free to a good home. Requires an owner who will look after them and treat them with TLC !


a story for another time


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