The Queen

the-queen-smiles-001There was no match report for the last meeting as, truth to tell, there was not much to report. The evening fell victim to the majority of pipers being involved in bands and Tuesday being a big practice night, especially before a major. So well done to Michael Chiang, for keeping the first half going, and the P/M who did the second half. As a reward Michael got a full maintenance session and advice on setting up his bagpipe. He was a tired boy.



With a small hiatus in the band season and the games in full swing hopefully the next meeting will be better attended. It is on Tuesday 5th August KO 20.00hrs in the Scots Guards Club and should be a special night. We are up the stair as P/M James Banks, family and friends will be in the downstairs bar celebrating


P/M Jimmy Banks MBE

Jimmy’s well-deserved MBE. I dare say the two evenings will merge at some stage. There may even be a few stragglers from the Queen’s garden party being held that afternoon at Holyrood Palace. It is unlikely that Her Majesty will attend the Guards Club but you never know what the lure of an Eagles pie may do.


What is a pie ?

She may even have a go at the record?


Hopefully two young Eaglets, Chris Happs and Brodie Watson-Massey will be there to give us a tune. Brodie ‘Gazebo’ Watson-Massey to give him his full title. For those of you who follow Pipes/Drums you will have seen the photographs of him receiving medical treatment, having been wiped out by the judges flying gazebo at Thornton Highland Games on Saturday, during a fine performance of MacCrimmons Sweetheart.


The ice pack treatment

For those who missed the excitement here they are. Bad blowing of a different kind.



The Judges Tent

Luckily Brodie was not badly injured and recovered to play again. Chris struggled to play, as he couldn’t stop laughing.


See you on Tuesday,

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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