Never go back……

IMG_3167Some say there a few golden rules in life, don’t go on holidays with friends, never go back, leave well alone and the like, but then again, there is always the exception that proves the rule.

The 78th Fraser Highlanders reprise of their Live in Ireland concert is one such exception.

New chanters, new reeds, new players, old players, no time, everything to lose, nothing to gain? Perhaps. What could possibly go wrong? Potentially everything. But it didn’t.

This is not a review of the concert but merely a few words of thanks. I doff my cap to everyone involved. I salute the immense talent that was on show and the effort that went into producing an outstanding show. It was well presented by Jack and Victor and another landmark in pipe band history was made.

People will ask was it as good as the first time? Well we were all a lot younger when this seminal recording was made and of course it made a huge impact at that time.

IMG_3147This time thoughts were filled more with sentiment, as we cast our minds back all these years and we were charged with pride, as we saw good friends strut their stuff one more time. It must have been a real treat for the newbies to be on that stage. To one and all..


Thanks guys.

Euan Anderson



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3 responses to “Never go back……

  1. Richard

    My wife Mieke and I attended this brilliant concert. We have seen the 78th in concert before, so this was an emotional return. What a line up!!!! Many thanks to all of you. It really was worth flying in from the Netherlands.

  2. Thanks, Euan – and it was a dozen times better than the first time. Glad you were there – and glad I was there.

  3. Andy Campbell

    I loved every note that was played! I would also like to thank everyone who made it possible. I was really looking forward to Journey to Sky. For me when Bill Livingston turned around to face the audience during Clumsy lover It felt so emotional I had a massive lump in my throat. Then I was lucky enough to get a photo of Michael Grey and Bruce Gandy two of my all time piping heroes.

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