Match report Tuesday 19th January 2016

UnknownWith all the festive fun behind us ( yes there were a few high jinx-not least the poker night) and Rabbie Burns waiting in the wings, it was time to get the 2016 season under way. While this is generally a quite time of year for competition and hard practice, some have had to hit the ground running. Jenny is due to play in the reprise of the 78th Fraser Highlanders concert this Saturday in Glasgow and Colin has just returned from the Winter Storm work shop in Kansas.

The P/M got the evening under way with some small light music tunes. Included in his selection was the Neil Dickie classic, The Haunting. Having played the slow air the P/M broke into a 4 parted 4/4 arrangement of the tune.

IMG_3109Next up was Colin MacLellan who settled the pipe down with Caber Feidh followed by 2 x 2/4 marches, The Knightswood Ceilidh and the little heard, The 74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh. After a strathspey and reel he gave us the evenings treat, the piobaireachd, Gun ainm-Cumha (Nameless- a Lament) that can be found in book 13 of the Piobaireachd Society books. You will find three settings there, The MacArthur, the Mackay and the ‘edited’ version. Although this could be described as a short tune the fingering is challenging and the structure difficult to grasp. However it is worth the effort and if you are looking for something different to add to your repertoire you could do a lot worse than this wee gem.Untitled

Colin was in great form and the pipe was of the usual high calibre. A lovely opening tune to start the year. Hopefully we will get a chance to hear this again later in the year?

The pies were delivered and for those on a New Years resolution detox had to be avoided. (The P/M had two!)

IMG_3116Jenny Hazzard was the post pie ‘piperette’ and she didn’t take long to tune the pipe and hammer out some of the 78th concert repertoire. Although challenging to learn this Live in Ireland music is exactly that. Good music that has stood the test of time. The Up to the line and Masons Apron medleys-classics. If you don’t have a ticket you should have. It has to be said that when Jenny had finished one of our relatively younger members said that he had never heard the Live in Ireland album. “ Before my time”.  I don’t suppose you have heard of Elvis Presley either then?”, was the retort….

The final player of the night was Tom Peterkin. Tom declared that he had not done much playing but after a quick tune of the drones and a couple of 6/8s he was into the big stuff starting with the technically challenging 2/4 march, Inveran. Great stuff Tom.IMG_3121

And that was the evenings evening, a gentle but excellent night.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 2nd February when Eddie Gaul will be coming along to play a few tunes and the evenings piobaireachd.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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