Christmas Dates

Tuesday 8th December will be our last meeting of 2015.  To add some fun, it will be band night for all to bring pipes and have a blow together.  A rough tune list is outlined below.  No need to spend the next week learning any.  Others will, I am sure, be added on the night.

Our first meeting of 2016 will be Tuesday 19th January.  Enjoy the break and thanks for all the support over another tune filled year.

Tune List


Green Hills

Battle’s O’er



Leaving Port Askaig

Farewell to the Creeks

SA and Jigs

Mist Covered Mountains

Banjo Breakdown

Glasgow Police


Highland Wedding

Susan Macleod

The Sheepwife

SA and Hornpipes

My Home

Train Journey North

Crossing the Minch



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3 responses to “Christmas Dates

  1. I enjoyed seeing this tune list – I hope you post the tune titles that get added as well! Happy Christmas!

  2. Thank you. All the best.
    Happy Christmas

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