Match Report Tuesday 10th November 2015

IMG_2879With Remembrance day in mind the P/M kicked the evening off, breaking in his new Red Welt bag, with The Battle of the Somme.IMG_2877

‘Fought between July 1 and November 1, 1918 near the Somme River in France, it was also one of the bloodiest military battles in history. On the first day alone, the British suffered more than 57,000 casualties, and by the end of the campaign the Allies and Central Powers would lose more than 1.5 million men.’

Iain Kirkwood was up next and after a few warm up tunes gave us the ground and first couple of variations of His Fathers Lament for Donald MacKenzie.IMG_2861

A quartet from Fettes College, under the wing of Cameron Drummond, then took to the floor. Seamus O’Baoighill, Torquil LeRoy-Lewis, David Maitland-Biddulph and Harry Campbell of Losrosque (ok Harrys not from Lochrosque but it just goes better with the groups names) were in great form. Having a quick run out before the schools competition this coming Friday, they settled the pipes down before playing their IMG_2863competition medley. Great stuff boys and best of luck.

The pre pie piper was Nils Michael. Nils was in a relaxed mood and his pipe was rich and well balanced. He played an excellent selection of light music that included the 2/4 Marches, Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean and Douglas Gardiner, both IMG_2870composed by Dr Bruce Thomson. The amusing anecdote is that while Nils was playing the second tune, Douglas Gardiner, there were the usual glances around the room to see if anyone recognised it. Shakes of the head all round, including Douglas Gardiner himself. When Nils finished and announced the title, Douglas asked where he got the music. ‘You sent it to me’, was the reply. So so funny. ‘It’s been a while since I’ve heard it, said DG.’


Dr Bruce Thomson


Douglas Gardiner by Dr Bruce Thomson

As the pies were being served the P/M made mention of the notable prizes won at London by Eagles members, not least Cameron Drummond who dam near won the overall champion piper. His hornpipe and jig, The Stornoway Hornpipe and The Handshaker was out of this world.

Bratach Gorm

1st Roddy MacLeod, “A Son’s Salute to his Parents”

2nd Gordon Walker, Moscow, Scotland

3rd Callum Beaumont, Bo’ness, Scotland

4th Willie McCallum, Bearsden, Scotland

Also competing: Glenn Brown, John-Angus Smith

Judges: Neill Mulvie, Jack Taylor, Bill Wotherspoon

Open Piobaireachd (William Gillies Memorial)

1st Chris Armstrong

2nd Roddy MacLeod

3rd Cameron Drummond, Edinburgh

4th Willie McCallum

5th Jamie Forrester, London

Judges: Roddy Livingstone, John Wilson, Andrew Wright

Premier and A-Grade
MSR (London Medallion / John MacFadyen Quaich)

1st Callum Beaumont

2nd Willie McCallum

3rd Cameron Drummond

4th Roddy MacLeod

5th Glenn Brown, Glasgow

Judges: Jimmy Banks, Walter Cowan, Bob Worrall

March (J.B. Robertson Rose Bowl)

1st Alasdair Henderson, Dunoon, Scotland

2nd Gordon Walker

3rd Callum Beaumont

4th Cameron Drummond

5th Chris Armstrong

Judges: Euan Anderson, Andrew Frater, Iain MacLellan

Hornpipe & Jig (Mary Flora Beaton Cup)

1st Cameron Drummond

2nd Alasdair Henderson

3rd Callum Beaumont

Judges: Euan Anderson, Andrew Frater, Iain MacLellan


Piobaireachd (Snuff Mull)

1st Cameron Drummond

2nd Alasdair Henderson

3rd Derek Midgley, New Jersey

4th Innes Smith

5th Peter McGregor

Judges: Tom Johnstone, Ronnie McShannon

MSR (Strachan Cup)

1st Steven Leask

2nd Jenny Hazzard, Edinburgh

3rd Ben McClamrock, Baltimore

4th Ross Miller

5th Ashley McMichael

Judges: Jimmy Banks, Walter Cowan, Bob Worrall

Hornpipe & Jig

1st Steven Leask

2nd Ross Miller

3rd Ashley McMichael

Judges: Euan Anderson, Andrew Frater, Iain MacLellan



1st Xavier Bouderiou, Brittany

2nd Greig Canning, Edinburgh

3rd Ben McClamrock

4th Nick Hudson, Pittsburgh

5th Ross Cowan, Annan, Scotland

Judges: Archie MacLean, Rab Wallace


1st Lachie Dick, Edinburgh

2nd Callum Moffatt

3rd Greig Canning

4th Andrew Hall

5th Graham Mulholland

Judges: Euan Anderson, Dixie Ingram, Colin MacLellan

Hornpipe & Jig

1st Calum Watson

2nd Callum Moffatt

3rd Andrew Wilson



1st Ross MacKay

2nd Graham Mulholland

3rd Jonathan Simpson

4th John Mackey

5th Callum Carswell


1st Alasdair Donaghue

2nd Eddie Gaul

3rd Ross MacKay

4th Katherine Belcher

5th Craig Holsquist

Hornpipe & Jig

1st Alasdair Donaghue

2nd Greg McAllister

3rd Andrew Bell


Katherine Belcher

The post pie piper was the wee spoon herself and she was quickly about her business with an eye on this weekends Capt. John MacLellan competition. On a lovely pipe she played 2x 2/4 marches Mrs Donald McLean and Arthur Bignold of Losrosque (Harry’s uncle?). This was followed by a spot of Ceol Mor that will stand her in good stead for the weekend, despite her 1st on draw.

Douglas Gardiner, (who has a 2/4 march named after him ya ken) was the final player of the night. Douglas is also having a run out at the weekend and he stepped his way through a variety of light music before giving is a lovely Battle of Auldearn No2. Great pipe and well executed.

Douglas Gardiner

Douglas Gardiner

‘The battle of Auldearn was fought during the civil wars of the mid seventeenth century in May 1645 between a Covenanting army and the royalists under the famous Marquis of Montrose.’

And that was the evenings evening.

Coming up, The Capt John MacLellan competition this Saturday at the Army School of Piping KO 09.00hrs.

The Scots Guard’s KO competition rounds have been published.IMG_2866

Fred Morrison is in Edinburgh on the 29th November.

See you the next Eagles meeting on Tuesday 24th NovemberIMG_2867

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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