Match report Tuesday 27th October 2015

With the Glenfiddich behind us, (congratulations go to Angus McColl on his overall win), and the final big indoor contest looming in London this weekend, another piping year is coming to a close, but work has still to be done.

P1040372As we welcomed international piping impresario Bob Worrall to the fold, Kat Belcher got the show going. She was straight into the big stuff on a lovely steady instrument. After a couple of MSRs she treated us to the ground of the great Lament for the McSwan of Roaig. If she can take this quality down South she should do well.

The Wee Spoon

The Wee Spoon

It was nice to see Anne Vroomen from the Netherlands in the audience. Anne was also up at the Glenfiddich championships and was catching an Eagles night before heading home.


Anne and Scott Hannah

Next for shaving was Lachie Dick, who was on another good pipe, well balanced and pleasing to the ear. After a few warm up tunes he was straight into his London competition tunes before presenting a very musical MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart. The tune was technically sound and again this standard will hold up well in the competition arena.


Lachie Dick

Cameron Drummond was the post pie piper and he tuned up with first variation and doubling of The Unjust Incarceration. This was followed by a couple of jigs and 2 x 2/4 marches that included the little heard and technically challenging Glengarry Gathering. First class.


Cameron Drummond

Andrew Gray was next up, back on his old set of sticks that suited the solo performer. Again Andrew was quickly into his London tunes knocking off a double MSR. He concluded with a lively hornpipe and jig, The Ladies Hornpipe and Kenny Gillies of Portnalong.


Andrew Gray

Last to play was Jenny Hazzard, who had clearly survived the strip the willow challenges at the Atholl Palace (in high heels). Jenny followed suit by not wasting much time before heading into the big stuff. Once the pipe was settled she played The Lament for the Duke of Hamilton.

This tune may have been composed by Padruig Mor MacCrimmon in honour of William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton. The Duke, age 35, was fatally wounded at the Battle of Worcester, 1651. Padruig Mor was himself at the battle, serving under Ruaridh MacLeod of Talisker and Norman MacLeod of Berneray, sons of the deceased Sir Ruaridh Mor, 15th Chieftain of Harris and Dunvegan MacLeods.


Composed by Patrick Mor MacCrimmon and James the 4th Duke of Hamilton was killed in a duel in Hyde Park by Lord Macartney 1712’………………


Jenny Hazzard

Whatever the tunes origins Jenny made a splendid job of it. Although a lament Jenny kept a nice tempo in the latter stages with a nice brisk fosgailte to finish.

What a lovely wee feast of Ceol Mor.

Good luck to all in London and hope to see you at the next meeting on Tuesday 10th November.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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