Match Report Tuesday 29th September 2015

imagesSo where was the match report for Tuesday 15th September I hear you ask? Well truth be told, nobody could be arsed to do one.

Now this typically Scottish phrase ‘couldnae be arsed’ or ‘cannae be arsed’ or ‘ersed’ if you prefer, is disarmingly honest. After all how many times have we heard people come up with lame excuses for not showing up or failure to complete a task?

Did you go to band practice last night? Naw, couldnae be arsed.

Have you learned the set tunes yet? Naw, cannae be arsed. Usually followed by ‘loads of time’

How about popping along to the Eagle Pipers tonight? Naw, cannae be arsed.

Well we all feel like this from time to time about a multitude of things, but sometimes you just have to knuckle down. Can you imagine the school pupil turning up in the morning and when asked for their homework replying, ‘Sorry couldnae be arsed’

Thus, while refreshingly honest, the CBA attitude does have its consequences!

UnknownThe match report for the 15th was a victim to the CBA syndrome, which is disappointing, as apparently Kyle Howie, of Red Hot Chillie Pipers fame, turned up and put on a first class display of light music. Kyle attended the RSAMD and is currently a member of The MacKenzie Caledonian Pipe band.. The bagpipe is not the only instrument Kyle can play and he has written quite a few good compositions He is a great player with strong technique.

If you have Facebook have a look at this clip and you will see what I mean. It will probably also be on YouTube? Thunderstruck.

With the P/M away on a family holiday and others ‘resting’ it was a quiet night and the only other player of the evening was regular Gordon Hislop.

Tonight saw a healthier turn out and the P/M kicked the evening off with some 6/8s followed by some 3/4s. Suffering from a sore back and swollen left hand (all the result of a deep tissue massage from a wee chap called Pavil, who may or may not have a passport….) the P/M managed to waddle down the floor without falling over.

Iain Kirkland

Iain Kirkland

Next for shaving was Iain Kirkwood, who has been at the Eagles before but never played. It can be quite daunting to ‘break the ice’ but Iain was quickly into his stride and knocked off 2 x 2/4 marches The Crags of Stirling and The Argyllshire Gathering. Well done Iain.

Lachie Dick, who is now based in Glasgow and working around 70hrs per week as a junior doctor (pay the guys and girls what they deserve please) was not suffering from CBA. He was in fine form. Having settled the pipe down with some nice 9/8s he gave us an MSR kicking off with John MacDonald of Glencoe. With the pipe booming he played the hornpipe, GS Allan, followed by two jigs that were of the highest musical quality. It transpired the second jig was one of his own compositions that remains, as yet unnamed. Ahhem…….IMG_2751

The post pie piper, who has been suffering from acute CBA this year, made his first appearance of 2015. Andrew Allison was back and it has to be said in splendid nick. The pipe was quickly and accurately tuned and after a very nice MSR he played the Jigs Rory McLeod and Alexander MacAskill. Good hands.

IMG_2753The final payer of the night was Colin MacLellan. While Jenny and her mum Evelyn,(see below) who is over for a wee holiday, sat dreaming of 10K runs, Colin worked his way through his light music, starting off with a few waltzes. To finish off he produced a nice and positive rendition of The Groat that brought the evening to a very nice conclusion.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 13th October and remember to get your tickets for the Grants Championship that is on Saturday 24th October.IMG_2757

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

Evelyn Hazzard

Evelyn Hazzard


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