Match Report Tuesday 1st September 2015

IMG_2668 You can always tell when the Northern Meeting is due. Kaj Larsen and P/M Robert L. Kilgour take in an Eagles before their annual pilgrimage to Inverness. This year was no exception and it was great to see Bob in such fine form. In his 90’s now, one of Edinburgh’s elder statesmen is still as sharp as a tack and he has numerous facial expressions that will tell you just how the piper is doing. If the modern day piper is predisposed to take on some kitchen piping Bob will listen intently and then applaud only using his two pinkies. Classic.

Bob and Kai

Bob and Kaj

Inverness is now done and dusted and the Glenfiddich competitors have been determined. Congratulations to the big winners Calum Beaumont- Clasp, Findlay Johnstone – Gold Medal and Bruce Gandy winning his first Silver Star.

The Glenfiddich players are, in no particular order

Callum Beaumont

Bruce Gandy

Jack Lee

Stuart Liddell

Angus MacColl

Roddy MacLeod

John-Angus Smith

Iain Speirs

Finlay Johnston

Willie McCallum (28 in a row and 8 titles under his belt !!)

Date Saturday 24th October.

Nick Hudson

Nick Hudson

So back to our evening, a final chance to warm up for the Northern Meetings in front of an audience. ( why more pipers do not take this opportunity bemuses me ).

First for shaving was overseas guest Nick Hudson from Pittsburgh. USA, who was in tremendous form. He gave the pipe a quick tune and went into 2 x 2/4 marches Mrs Duncan MacFadyen and Invergordon’s Welcome to Queen Elizabeth II. He then played a few strathspeys and reels before giving a us some tough old jigs. Fingers were flying and Nick was in the form that has won him a few prizes round the games. He finished his spot with the ground and first variation of The Lament for Donald Dughall McKay. Fantastic.

Next up was Andrew Gary who is not as frequent an attendee as he used to be due to the fact he is playing with Fife

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray

Constabulary who qualified for the G1 final for the first time..Andrew started with Major Manson’s Farewell to Clachantrushal and Alan Dodds Farewell to Scotland. After some strathspeys and reels he sat down to enjoy a couple of pies.



The post pie piper was Nils Michael who warmed up with some very musical 3/4 marches. He then went into some 2/4s starting off with an old Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band favourite, The Conundrum. Nils is a great stalwart of the Society and always ready to play a tune when asked.

The final player of the night,fresh from his second Captain John MacLellan Memorial recital dinner win, was Iain Speirs. Iain took full advantage of the floor going through most of his Inverness light music before playing a lovely Lament for the Children. Such was the calibre of the tune Andrew Gray dropped a pint. Unheard of.

Iain Speirs

Iain Speirs

And that was the evenings evening.

Due to the pressures of retirement- yes another holiday-The P/M will miss the next meeting which is on Tuesday 15th.

Scott Hannah World Champ Shotts and Dykehead 2015

Scott Hannah
World Champ Shotts and Dykehead 2015

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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