Match Report Tuesday 11th August-Worlds week

Ed Neigh

Ed Neigh

Well by now you will know who has won what in Glasgow and with the band season coming to a close the focus moves towards the big solo contests at Oban and Inverness, not forgetting the Captain John MacLellan recital dinner on Saturday 29th August of course.457479_10152050602100453_260445037_o

We had our traditional visitors to the Eagles on the 11th, The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band. Bethany and the troops were on fine form. Worlds aside they had their sights set on a concert they were doing up at Balmoral Castle for the Queen. They do make the most of their trips here.

The only thing lacking on the night were pipes. Plenty of pipers who all thought they would have a wee rest!! So once the P/M had played a few tunes he handed his pipe to volunteer Keith McCallum from Ontario. Once he had played a couple of tunes up stepped Ronan Mummery IMG_2613from Melbourne who has just turned 15. He was the pre pie piper and played a set of tunes that came under the banner, The Reloaded Set.


Keith McCallum

Once the audience had loaded and reloaded pies we had a tune from Gordon Hislop. Once his pipe was settled he gave us the piobaireachd Grain in Hides and Corn in Sacks.

The origin of Grain In Hides And Corn In Sacks is unknown but there is a theory that the tune was composed to celebrate a good harvest. In this scenario the grain in hides refers to the effect of the grain ingested by cattle. The corn in sacks refers to the harvest itself. Another view suggests that it is a tune that grew out of the raiding into England. The Scots would carry a basic food

Ronan Mummary

Ronan Mummary

supply on their persons. Some grain would be in skins to protect it from the weather, some hardier food in sacks. The tune is noted in Angus MacKay’s manuscript as well as in the Campbell Canntaireachd. Neither MacKay or Campbell offer clues as to the composer or the inspiration for the tune.

Gordon Hislop

Gordon Hislop

The piece has been on the set gold medal tune list for some years now and as it was played by Gordon we paid tribute to the late great Ed Neigh from Canada, whose recent passing has made a huge dent in, not only Canadian circles,but around the piping globe. Rest easy Ed.

And that was the evenings evening.

There will be meetings on Tuesday the 18th August and Tuesday 1st September and fortnightly thereafter.

Ed Niegh

Ed Niegh

Euan Anderson

Hon Pipe Major


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