Match Report Tuesday 12th May 2015

UnknownWith the Hon Pres and his good lady off to Sicily, Cameron Drummond at band Practice (maybe) and Douglas Gardiner at a Skype band practice (WTF) we were short of regular attenders however a nice wee night was in store.

Faye Henderson was in the mood for a pie, new dad Tam Peterkin (Iris 9lbs 3ozs) was in the mood for a break and Craig Martin and Janne Hansen made a return to the flock after their wee sojourn to Glasgow.

The P/M had a few tunes before handing over to Nils, who was on a new set up. Included in his spot were the 2/4 marches Mrs John McColl and The Braes of Castle Grant.Unknown-1

The PPP was Craig, included the little heard Glasgow Skye Association Centenary Gathering, that can be found in Donald MacLeods book 5. Worth a look. Craig finished off his spot with some traditional hornpipe and jigs starting with Jimmy Tweedies Sealegs and The Train Journey North. JTS was composed by J Allan McGee from New Zealand and is unusual in its structure, having 5 parts, One for each Ocean? Anyone heard that story?

IMG_2023Next up was the proud father himself Tam P., who is slowly coming to terms with the fact that no matter how bad the pipe is going it is much better than ‘walking the floor’.

Fresh from a recital in Dumfries Iain Speirs treated us to some of his smaller tunes rolling out a lovely set of wee strathspeys and reels. With the pipe humming along like an organ he finished off with a group of jigs that included Donald Willie and his Dog. The question is, who can provide the name of the dog? A significant prize awaits the correct answer.Unknown-2

And that was that. Great stuff.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 26th May when Callum Beaumont will be bring along some of his young charges from Dollar Academy.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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