Match Report Tuesday 31st March 2015

Edinburgh AcademyEdinburgh Academy joined us tonight for a few tunes and it was very nice to see a return to the Eagles from their tutor, Michael Gray. This is the third school we have had along in as many months and these school nights are a very welcome addition to our programme of events.

Once the P/M had blasted out a few tunes Iain Dewar took to the floor and when he had warmed the pipe up with a couple of 3/4s ,he played a very sprightly urlar of Beloved Scotland.

Iain Dewar

Iain Dewar

By this time the boys, P/M Angus McPherson, P/S Angus Hawkins and Calum Reynolds were ready to have a tune. They played the current band medley and quickly settled into their stride. Great stuff.

Angus MacPherson,Calum Reynolds,Angus Hawkins

Angus MacPherson,Calum Reynolds,Angus Hawkins

The pre pie piper was Angus Hawkins who played a march followed by the jig, The Banjo Breakdown. This jig was hugely popular back in the day and is a very old bagpipe tune. It was written by Donald MacPhee and first published in 1876 as the ‘Yankee’, a hornpipe.

Angus Hawkins

Angus Hawkins

That took us nicely to the pies and after the break the post pie piper was young Cynan Williams from Wales. Aged 12, he is about to take part in the local Edinburgh Mod chanter competition, so he gave us a blast of his tune, Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle. What a lovely job he made of it and all done on a ‘special’ borrowed chanter. Special in the way that it had been bought at a dinner auction by the none too sober Douglas Gardiner, who was now trying to offload it. Due to Cynan’s

Cyan Williams

Cyan Williams

fine efforts I do believe a buyer was found. I hope you got your 10% Cynan but if I know Douglas, I doubt it.

Next for shaving was Calum Reynolds, playing an MSR that kicked off with Hugh Kennedy. He was immediately followed by his P/M, Angus MacPherson, who played an MSR starting with The Braes of Castle Grant. With the pipe settled he gave us a very musical rendition of Lament for the Old Sword. Lovely high G and very bright fingers later in the tune.

Calum Reynolds

Calum Reynolds


Angus MacPherson

Lachie Dick closed the night. Good news- he was in fine form on a great pipe and gave us a wide selection from his repertoire. Bad news (for us –good for him) is that he has secured a two-year sabbatical in Glasgow perusing his medical career. He is very excited about this. Ga’un yersell wee man…………………but it may mean that we will see less of him. I hope not as he will be a sad loss to our evenings.

And that was the evenings evening.

Many thanks to the boys from Edinburgh Academy, who took time form their busy schedules to come along and play for us. Please visit us again whenever you can.


Last Train to Glasgow Central

Remember the second semi final of the Knock Out featuring Greig Wilson and Steven Grey will be at 16.00hrs, Sunday 12th April, at the Scots Guards Club.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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