Match Report 3rd March 2015

IMG_1954With shouts of ‘we have made it into Spring’ echoing around town the Good Lord decided to let us have 4 inches of snow on Tuesday morning. Sigh. This was followed by torrential rain in the late afternoon. Spring indeed! Still a few hardy souls made it along to the Eagles, including the birthday girl Jenny Hazzard, who had just returned from her birthday celebrations in Canada. 2703697148She cheered us up by telling us all of the record low temperatures in and around Toronto and by the time she had finished we were all looking for thermals. I guess when the Niagara Falls freeze you know its cold.It only seems like yesterday since Jenny arrived in Scotland all doey eyed and in love with you know who…………………How time flies.

Jenny learning the pipes

Jenny learning the pipes

The bad news- only two pipers, the P/M and Iain Speirs

The good news-there were pies and birthday cake

The P/M took the first slot from half 8 to 9 and after the pies Speirsy knocked off half 9 until 10.

The P/M played a variety of light music including a 6/8 march, General Hunt’s Welcome to the Queens Own Highlanders, composed by P/M Andy Venters and in his 4/4 selection a very musical wee tune, The White Rose of Culloden, composed by William M MacDonald. Amongst his 3/4 tunes was the recently composed Emma’s Wedding, written by Chris

Chris in conversation with fellow 'old soldier' Bob L Kilgour

Chris in conversation with fellow ‘old soldier’ Bob Kilgour

Anderson for his granddaughter, who is getting married in France on Saturday 15th August. Yes that’s right, the same day as the Worlds. So the P/M will miss this years beer tent and have to settle for some nice champagne. Family planning!!

Pies and cake. We were all in good voice as it was served to Jenny and Colin was placed in change of portions and service.

Blowing out the 1 candle

Blowing out the 1 candle

Iain reported that his dad ‘Tam’ is making fine progress, although he is a bit stiff. No complaints there-I guess? Iain took Tam to a Hibs match to assist his recovery, but the Hibees good form of late has been somewhat overshadowed by the ‘jam tarts’ rolling in 10 passed Cowdenbeath. As for Rangers, magician Dynamo was approached to see if he would be interested in helping out. ‘Rabbits out of hats I can do. Mike Ashley would take a lot of shifting……….’

Iain, on a new McCallum chanter, got his spot under way by playing Happy Birthday. After a couple of traditional 6/8s he was quickly into the competition stuff in preparation for the Uist and Barra this Saturday. On a magnificent pipe he stepped his was through various March, Strathspeys and Reels, before ending with a few very nice Jigs that included Donald, Willie and his Dog, The Curlew and a lovely setting of The Geese in the Bog.IMG_1975_2

One for the road was the order of the day and a bit more banter. Jim Dodds, a non-piping stalwart of the Society, was sporting a new Goretex coat, the origin of which has still to be established, but suffice to say he didn’t pay for it……..

The piping calendar is starting to pick up. This Friday night The Big Music Society presents Murray Henderson and Duncan Grant at The National Piping Centre:

A night exploring Ceòl Mòr in a spirit of collaboration with two exciting performances. Alongside a quartet of some of Scotland’s most thrilling young string players, pibroch master and authority Murray Henderson takes a journey into the depths of the most powerful and stirring pieces in the pibroch repertoire. Coming from a different angle, piper/producer Duncan Grant, also known for his electronic music under the pseudonym Cain, explores the sonic potential of pibroch in the 21st Century. Featuring James Lindsay, Susan Appelbe, Megan Henderson, Mharie Mackinnon, Calum MacCrimmon and John Mulhearn.

Friday, March 6, 2015 from 7.30pm’ 

Saturday 7th March               Uist and Barra

Fourteen of the best UK based pipers in the World have been invited to compete at the Uist & Barra competition – with the invitation list drawn from major prize winners in 2014. It will be held at the College of Piping, Glasgow on 7th March from 9am.

Pìobaireachd; March, Strathspey and Reel; Hornpipe and Jig

Adults £10; 16 and under £5

  • Chris Armstrong
  • Callum Beaumont
  • Glenn Brown
  • Bill Geddes
  • Alasdair Henderson
  • Faye Henderson
  • Finlay Johnston
  • Angus MacColl
  • Roddy MacLeod
  • Willie McCallum
  • Peter McCalister
  • Gordon McCready
  • Douglas Murray
  • Iain Speirs
  • Craig Sutherland
  • Gordon Walker

The judges for all three competitions will be Iain MacFadyen, Willie Morrison and Stuart Samson.

Saturday 7th March

The Archie Kenneth Quaich Competition 2015

The twenty-third annual amateur Piobaireachd competition for the Archie Kenneth Quaich will take place on Saturday, 7th March 2015, in the rooms of The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, 127 Rose Street Lane South, Edinburgh, starting at 10am.

Judges Colin MacLellan and Jenny HazzardIMG_1956_2

Saturday 14th March

Duncan Johnstone Memorial Competition-National Piping Centre

Sunday 15th March-16.00hrs

KO competition Scots Guards Club Edinburgh

Craig Sutherland v Angus McColl Jnr

Plenty going on so enjoy……………….

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M



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2 responses to “Match Report 3rd March 2015

  1. Dear Eagle Pipers,
    I hope there is an evening event I can attend between April 13 and May 10, as I will be based in Edinburgh for that period. I would love to meet you and hear some great piping, and revisit the Eagle Pipers Club where I had a transformative experience with Pipe Major George Stoddart (my teacher at the time) so many decades ago!

  2. Laura
    We meet fortnigtly and have meeting on Tuesday 14th and Tuesday 28th when you are in Edinburgh. You will be most welcome. We also have a Facebook page if you are on that
    Kind regards

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