Match report Tuesday 9th December 2014

Well that was the year, that was. And what a great year it was.

Big BandTo celebrate the final evening of the year we had a ‘big band’ night and around 20 pipers and piperettes took to the floor. Not bad considering Scotland was in the midst of a minor gale. We even had a couple of pipers who had not played before, perhaps feeling more at ease in the group environment?

So how did it go? Magnificent of course. Chanters all well balanced, drones rock solid and not a note error to be heard. Ok, not quite, but it was a bit of fun and as you see Lachie Dick was in the P1040042festive mood with fairy lights on the cords. The the P/M tried to bring order but some were having private drinking bets on the mistake count. They lost count…………

As an attack was perhaps a bit of a challenge the band started with rolling into the traditional band 3/4s-to settle the pipes and nerves you understand. Faye Henderson had brought along ‘sister power’ support and Fiona was keeping her right with the traditional settings, (especially the 6/8s 🙂

Big bandAfter a few more tunes, pies and a pint or two the band were ready to tackle the MSR. Hugh Kennedy, Maggie Cameron and Bessie MacIntyre. Fortunately Hugh, Maggie nor Bessie were present to hear the tribute but for a first attempt it wasn’t that bad. 4b or not 4b that is the question? Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the drones and blooters of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of practice………………….Big Band

As the band rested and settled down to a well earned beer Harry McLaughlin kept us going with an excellent solo spot. Harry has grown about 6 inches since he was last at the Eagles and he has had a busy piping year in both the solo and band arenas. Harry is star of the future and it was great to see him and his dad down in Edinburgh despite the aforementioned weather.

Harry MacLauchlinAnd that was that. 2014 done and dusted. Thanks to all who played during the year, not least those who stepped up to the plate to play the 20ish piobaireachds that we were treated to throughout the year.

Who knows what 2015 holds? Plenty of ideas were floating about. Hopefully more of the same so have a great Christmas and New Year and please come along next year for a tune.

The Society resumes on Tuesday 6th January 2015.P1040051


Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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