Match Report Tuesday 24th June 2014

A quiet night at the Eagles saw the P/M open events. He was followed by Ian Dewar, who, in turn, was followed by the resurrected Scott Thomson, who played the P/Ms pipe. Then it was back to the P/M. After pies Ian Dewar had another blast.

Welcome back Scott

Welcome back Scott

It has to be noted that Scott decided to make his Eagles debut by playing 3 jigs straight off the bat ending with the great Jig of Slurs. He then knocked off a couple of 2/4 marches before declaring that he was a bit rusty!

Excellent stuff Scott and once he gets his own pipe ‘sorted’ we hope to hear a lot more from him.

So where was everyone? Perhaps late June/July and August is just one of these periods where people are on holiday or immersed in pipeband practices that are omnipresent at this time of year?

trotting out a few polkas

trotting out a few polkas

Perhaps the Society should consider a summer hiatus and run from October to May?

It is one thing to be a member of a Society and quite another to support it. If the same people show up meeting after meeting it will stagnate. If you are sitting at home thinking others will go and keep things going, that is short sighted and will only lead to folly.

Remember the Society closed before. It can close again. You can take the horse to water but you can’t make it drink. There is a social platform available to pipers in Edinburgh.

You have been warned

How long for is up to you.

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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