Match Report Tuesday 27th May 2014

Once the P/M had broken the ice with a few more tunes from his repertoire Alan Harper took to the floor starting with the little heard ¾ The Heros of Osterbrook. After a few more tunes Alan concluded with the

Alan Harper

Alan Harper

great Ally Reese composition, Ceilidh Lines. Alan’s tempo was a bit slow but as he explained later he had been plucking up the courage to have a go at this tune for some time so well done say all.

Next for shaving was an Eagle new comer Michael Graham from Musselburgh. Michael goes to Tom Speirs for lessons and started his spot with the well-known 6/8 Donald McLean of Lewis. When he had settle down he set off into a double MSR with the great 2/4 marches The Clan McColl and The Crags of Stirling. An excellent inaugural performance and great to see Michael on the floor.

Iain Dewar

Iain Dewar

The pre pie piper was Iain Dewar who stated off with the 4/4 George Henry Gillies that was apparently composed by his son Pipe Sgt. Brian Gillies of the RSDG. Iain then went into the Willie Ross composition The Flight of the Eaglets also known as Lady McRoberts’ Lament. Following a fine rendition of the Royal Scot’s Polka Iain concluded his spot with the ground of The Lament of the Old Sword.

Michael Graham

Michael Graham

The post pie piper was none other than the Hon President himself, Colin MacLellan. The Eagle eyed amongst the audience quickly noticed that there was something slightly different about the pipe. A dark blue chanter. The Ayrfire had, I suspect, a bespoke red and white reed inside but this was not witnessed with the naked eye. Colin avoided slipping into The Sash My Father Wore and started his spot with a few waltzes. It has to be said that while these new coloured chanters seem to be in vogue just now the sound is certainly not affected and Colin’s pipe went from strength to strength. It settled so well that Colin gave us the ground and first couple of variations of the Lament for the Children. Once he had knocked that off he went into some competition bits and bobs starting with the very musical 2/4 Marches Leaving Lunga and Hugh Alexander Low of Tiree.IMG_0931

To end the evening it was left to Roddy Weir to give us the piobaireachd, The Groat. Roddy is obviously enjoying his retirement and it would not surprise me one bit if he picks up a few prizes this year. The bagpipe was again first class and he gave us a very musical interpretation of this tune.

Blue ?

Blue ?

The games are well under way and it is nice to see the Eagles holding their own with a first and second in the A Piob. at Blair Atholl. Well done Peter M and Jenny H.

Next meeting Tuesday 10th June.

Euan Anderson

Roddy playing The Groat

Roddy playing The Groat

Hon P/M


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