Match Report 26th November 2013

SaltireAs Scotland heads towards perhaps the most important vote in its history and ponder on the contents of the ‘White Paper’ there are, of course, a few things that are of paramount importance.  Most of them go without saying, Education, The National Health Service, The Economy, Currency, Homeland Security, Employment and the like but some would argue that to achieve a balanced life sport and the arts are also key.

With regards sports it’s not easy being Scottish. As a small Nation we find it hard to achieve World status. Our rugby and football struggle to compete at the highest level with no strength and depth in either field. Perhaps the focus on academic achievement has become omnipresent in our education system or have our youth just become more familiar with the games console? A discussion for another day!

You would think then, that when occasion arises, where we can bind and bond together to support a Scottish team in Europe it would be a no brainer. Wrong. Some people-I mention no names here-just don’t get it, or worse they do get it and chose to cheer on the enemy with an eye towards Ladbrokes.  Shame I say and to paraphrase the great Sir Alex Ferguson-Not proud, not proud.

IMG_0595While I am on the sporting theme, hats of to the Irish who somehow managed to lose a brilliant rugby match to the All Blacks. 14 out of 14, you cannot argue with that, but the strange thing is and a question yet to be answered is when next England next face the Kiwis who will I support?  That says it all !Ireland

As I got he evening under way Tam Peterkin of ‘Scotsman’ fame came into the room clutching the above-mentioned ‘white paper’. That promoted a wee chat over the yes or no vote ! What do you think? By the way some people do look like their names. Nicola Sturgeon is one. I smell something fishy.

Next up was Jenny who gave us 15 minutes of magic that included the MSR Kantara to el-Arish, Arniston Castle and The Little Cascade.

Next for shaving was Nils who, at the audiences request, kindly gave us a reprise of The Clucking Hen- fast becoming his signature tune. It was preceded by the Braes of Castle Grant and Maggie Cameron. Nils ended with the ground of Lord MacDonald’s Lament.

Pies were served.

The PPP was Iain Dewar who took a wee bit of cajoling declaring that he was very nervous. Iain started off with The Argylls Crossing the River Po. This was composed by Robert H Brown, who was a regular at the Eagles back in the day. Bob was a prolific composer but this was his number one hit.  Iain played a couple of 6/8s on his fine looking Gillanders and McLeods. Well-done Iain.Iain Dewar

Lachie Dick finished the evening off in grand style playing some lovely wee strathspeys and reels.

images-1Dates for the diary

The final Eagles night of 2013 will be Tuesday 10th December. There will be a festive break and we will resume on Tuesday 21st January 2014.

Sunday 8th     16.00hrs Scots Guard’s Club                       Fred Morrison           £10

Sunday 15th   16.00hrs Scots Guard’s Club                       Knock out competition

Margaret Dunn v Grieg Wilson.                                                                             £10

January 12th 16.00hrs Scots Guard’s Club                       Knock out competition

Sarah Muir v Craig Sutherland

February 16th 16.00hrs Scots Guard’s Club          Knock out competition

George Stewart v Angus MacColl Jnr                                                                  £10

The P/M Diary

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M

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