Results for the inaugural Capt John MacLellan solo piping competition

TrophyBelow are the results for the inaugural Capt John MacLellan solo piping competition organized by and held at the Army School of Piping in Edinburgh last Saturday.

The overall trophy is replica of the statue recently unveiled in memorial of pipers and drummers killed in combat, located at the Army School.

With Colin MacLellan being the President of the Eagle Pipers’ Society it was thought only fit and proper do donate a trophy in recognition of one of Edinburgh’s great stalwarts, P/M Robert L Kilgour. Bob is still active and can be found on occasion enjoying a tune and a dram in the Scot’s Guards Club.

Back in the day

Bob back in the day

This is a welcome return to competitive piping in Edinburgh and by all accounts it was run in true military fashion and an outstanding success.

ColinCongratulations to those behind the scenes and the prizewinners.



1st David Wilton (Captain John MacLellan Medal)

2nd Colin MacLellan Cup – Faye Henderson

3rd Jonathan Greenlees

4th Gordon McCready

5th Jenny Hazzard

MSRprize winners

1st Gordon McCready (P-M Angus MacDonald Trophy)

2nd Kevin McNulty (Plumbers’ Knowe Trophy)

3rd Peter Hunt

4th Gavin Ferguson

5th Cameron Drummond

Open Hornpipe & Jig

1st Callum Watson (Robert L Kilgour Trophy)

2nd Steven Gray

3rd Kevin McNulty

4th Gordon Bruce

5th Allan Johnstone



1st David Shedden (Joe Rafferty Plate)

2nd Steven Gray

3rd Connor Sinclair

4th Darach Urquhart

5th Sarah Muir


1st Steven Gray (John MacLellan Pipe Banner)Prizes

2nd George Stewart

3rd Sarah Muir

4th Connor Sinclair

5th Kris Coyle



1st Callum Watson (Jo Delworth Quaich)

2nd Kevin McNulty (Dean Park Eagle)

3rd Caitlin MacDonald

4th Kris Coyle

5th Edward Gaul


1st Callum Watson (Fort Augustus Shield)

2nd Caitlin MacDonald

3rd Stuart McCallum

4th Andrew Gray

5th Glenn Rosspipers


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