Match Report Tuesday 1st October 2013

Fore !

I refer to my previous post and as yet have to determine what the actual punishment will be for those on ‘jankers’ but it will involve some form of humiliation until those involved are suitable cowed.

So while I have scant information about what has been going on over the last 2 meetings I did learn that on the 3rd September Dr Robert Gray played ‘All the Old Men Paid Rent but Rory’ and on the 17th Douglas Gardner played Melbank’s Salute, both tunes from this years silver medal list. The good Doctor is no longer with us on these shores and is off somewhere doing something. We wish him well.

It appears that I arrived back just in time before complete malaise had set in and thoughts went to demanding a committee meeting. Not that they at all productive but the Hon Pres. does a rather splendid large gin and tonic.

I blew the dust off the pipe and got the evening going with some jigs. Just to warm the hands up you understand. As the masses started to arrive, ok 2 people, I carried on with some wee 2-4 marches. After a few more tunes I handed the pipe over to young Andrew Allison who ended his spot with two jigs, Thunderhead and a nameless tune.

Andrew on the PM's pipe

Andrew on the PM’s pipe

Dress and deportment champion Tam Peterkin was up next. Tam looked a bit nervy but that had nothing to do with the pipe. The wedding day gets closer and closer. Remember Tam, marriage is a story in which the hero dies in the first chapter.

Tam opened with one of my favourite tunes Col. Robertson, not that I play it often but when my dad was alive and picked up the practice chanter that was the warm up tune, every time. Once Tom had settled the pipe down he finished with two of the great 2-4 marches Southhall and Leaving Glenurquhart.

Tam P. Not the Lum

Tam P. Not the Lum

Pies. I had not had one for a while so I had 2.

The PPP was Nils who had a wee surprise in store for us. He quickly got into the swing and knocked out 3 excellent 2-4 Marches, Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque (it will always be Arthur Bignose to me-a wee slip many years ago when someone wrote up the tune), Mrs John McColl and The Braes of Brecklet. Brimming with confidence he went into the Cameronian Rant followed by The Little Cascade. Excellent stuff but the wee surprise for us was the tune in the middle, The Clucking Hen, page 182 Scot’s Guards book 1. Have a look. It’s interesting.

The Clucking Hen

The Clucking Hen

Next for shaving was Donald McLeod who said that he hadn’t been playing much. Well the pipe and hands belied that and he was quickly into his stride. Two excellent marches were trotted out, the first being Duncan McColl (Donald McLeod book 5). He finished with some hornpipes and jigs, including Tam Bain’s Lum. It appears this Donald Shaw tune is making a bit of a resurgence.

Wee Donald playing a wee Donald tune

Wee Donald playing a wee Donald tune

The final player of the night was Tracey Williams who departs out shores on the 28th October to return home after nearly a decade in Scotland. I think she liked it? T has stopped work at the Piping Centre and is firmly on the wind down. We will give her a proper send off at her final meeting in 2 weeks time, then another send of at the Glenfiddich on the 26th.Then we will miss her. She now has two homes. As she leaves one to go to another we will keep the fire warm here for her return.

She went out in grand style playing a first class Park Piobaireachd No 2. What a way to sign off. A class act.

The Park Piobaireachd No2

The Park Piobaireachd No2

And that was the evening’s evening. A great one at that. See you all in two weeks time

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


Tracey Williams


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  1. David Phillips

    What are the dates of the competitions to be held at the Scots Guards club.
    this season.

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