Match Report 9th July 2013

Summer attire ?

Summer attire ?

A slightly better attendance had the P/M in a better mood as he got the evening off to a good start with a wide variety of light music. With the weather in the high 20’s the P/M abandoned Highland attire and was sporting a rather natty pair of summer shorts. Unfortunately the cameraman was not up to snuff and a dress and deportment moment was lost.

Next up was Tracey Williams who despite protestation about the pipe not being quite right and blowing in a new reed gave a smashing wee selection finishing off with a couple of competition 2/4 marches. Needless to say the pipe was rock solid.

TW doing her stuff

TW doing her stuff

Lachie Dick, fresh from Pipe Band success, hit the floor running and on another excellent pipe gave us The

In fine form

In fine form

Conundrum followed by Susan McLeod/Maggie Cameron/The Grey Bob and Miss Proud.

Nils was up next and he settled down with Mrs John MacColl and Willie Laurie’s -The Braes of Brecklett, before giving us the ground and a couple of variations of Fair Honey.

Pies (washed down with ice cold cider) yum.

Next for shaving was the star of the night, 13 year old Harry McLachlan from Aberfeldy. No dress and deportment faux pas here as Harry was turned out immaculately and he proceeded to give a polished show to match the

Nils struts his stuff

Nils struts his stuff

appearance. Once the pipe was settled he played a very professional Kilbowie Cottage/Caledonian Society of London and Mrs MacPherson of Inveran. He then went into a couple of very tricky jigs, The Loch Ness Monster and The Old Woman’s Dance. Flawless. To finish off his spot he played the piobaireachd Catherine’s Lament. A real treat and worthy of the rapturous applause at the end.

Thanks for making the effort Harry. Hope to see you soon.

Harry Linklater

Harry McLachlan

The piob however was not over as the final player of the night, Donald MacLeod, played the ground and opening variations of Patrick Og MacCrimmon. One of the great tunes-no doubt. Donald was also wearing shorts but they were a rather dull, plain, practical pair of combatty type things. The cameraman did not bother.

And that was the evenings evening. Everyone sauntered off into the night with the weekends games on their mind, Balloch and Roseneath. There was also a suggestion of golf.

Is there a finer country in the world other then Scotland when the sun is shining and birds are singing? I think not.

Factor 25 at the ready for the 2 Open Marshall’s who will be in situ throughout the Championship at hole 17. Quiet please.

Muirfield awaits

Muirfield awaits

Euan Anderson

Hon PM


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