Match Report 25th June 2013

Euan kicking the evening off

Euan kicking the evening off

And then there were 2……..

The match report won’t take long as there is not much to report! 

Two pipers-the P/M and the guest Piobaireachd player for the evening, Peter McAlister. 

The audience numbered 8 including one tourist, Katie Forsythe from Seattle. She just dropped in and despite having no piping connections was enthralled by the evening. Well, at least there was one.

The P/M kicked the evening off and gave a mini recital before handing the floor over to Peter at 20.45hrs. The pies were put on hold as an early evening was anticipated.

Peter warmed up with some very musical light music. The tunes were- jigs, Mill in the Glen, plus 8 parts of Drops of Brandy (Gordon Mooney smallpipes setting), then a wee slow air called ‘something with the name “Mary” in it ‘ (Hamish Moore arrangement), followed by Highland Harry and the reel DJS Murray.

Peter in excellent form

Peter in excellent form

With the pipe settled and sounding like an organ Peter gave us Dungallon’s Lament. Interestingly also known as The Young Laird of Dungallon’s Salute. The tune is from the McArthur’s manuscript. (1820)

In his own inimitable way Peter introduced the tune by handing out sheet music and talked us through the various idiosyncrasies of the tune including the redundant low A that Peter declared he was leaving out this time round. He then proceeded to give us one of the most musical and interesting performances I have heard at the Eagles and the tune and Peter’s interpretation were quite outstanding. You can hear his introduction at

and the performance at

Dungallon's Lament

Dungallon’s Lament

Very disappointing that so few were there to listen to this new “old” tune.

And that was the evenings evening. A quick pie and into the night by 10.

With nearly 400 Facebook members and a very healthy UK membership the Eagle’s are slipping into the time honoured tradition of Piping Society complacency. It’s not the first time we have had poor turn out and more and more it is the same faces showing up.

Unless you/we are careful some key people will not hang around to watch it stagnate and go into anther period of redundancy.

It’s up to you folks.

where were you?

where were you?

Euan Anderson

Hon P/M


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