Match Report 19th March 2013

Joseba Pujana

Joseba Pujana

Tonight was kicked off, not by the Hon P/M (faulty plumbing problems), but a very welcome guest from the Basque Country, Joseba Pujana, playing an MSR of Mrs MacDonald of Dunach, Lady Louden and The Rejected Suitor.  Joseba is over studying a masters degree in Edinburgh and taking lessons from Dugald MacNeill.

Colin MacNeill, Dugald’s son, made his Eagles debut next on a splendid sounding pipe.  Despite the rigours of a demanding legal career, Colin still plays a mean tune and gave us Parker’s Welcome to Perthshire and John MacColl’s Major Byng M. Wright before finishing with the beautifully melodic ground of Lament for Colin MacRae of Invereenate.

EPS regular, Cameron Drummond, took the floor next with a new set of unfinished Naill drones.  They sounded as solid as a rock and with a little vajazzle on the mounts, could look as good too.

The naked pipe

The naked pipe

We were very honoured indeed to have as guest tonight, the aforementioned Dugald MacNeill, making his first appearance at EPS.  Dugald is not a man to worry about the progression of age having recently walked 56 miles round the Isle of Arran reportedly singing the entire Kilberry collection on the way.  An MSR of Abercairney Highlanders, Tulloch Gorm and Pretty Marion was therefore a piece of cake to a man of his constitution. We hope to see him, Colin and Joseba back at Eagles very soon.


Colin McNeill

Nils Michael, the German Casanova, was next for shaving.  Nils is a piper who always puts a lot of thought into his Eagle’s performances and tonight was no exception.  He cunningly finished his set with the reel, Duntroon.

Tonight’s piobaireachd, given by Douglas Gardiner, was Duntroon’s March.  This rarely heard piece is a 2013 Silver Medal set tune.  Whilst performed reasonably adequately, the reaction of the membership was akin to the audience at a Rolling Stones concert when hearing a song from their new album – although at EPS the rush to the loos was a little more discreet.


Dougald B McNeill

It was up to Lachie Dick to get the toes tapping again having cranked the volume on his pipes up to 11.  An MSR of The Highland Wedding, Struan Robertson and John Morrison rounded off the night.

Douglas Gardiner

Douglas Gardiner

Douglas Gardiner


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