Match Report 27th November 2012

The EPS evening of 27th November 2012 was a pleasantly warm and well attended gathering, featuring a good deal of friendly gossip and chat, punctuated by some excellent piping.
Players included:

– Matt Fraser, a Kiwi now domiciled in Glasgow, and a first timer at EPS, who opened the night in fine style with both light music and a bit of piobaireachd
– Lachie Dick, quickly becoming an EPS stalwart who it was great to hear playing so well, and finishing with some seriously fast and furious reels.
– Donald MacLeod, who has recently returned to active EPS service after a short baby-related hiatus. Donald treated us to the epic Shaggy Grey Buck amongst some other great stuff, and reportedly took the opportunity to air some newly learned tunes, which is one of the things EPS is really all about.
– Andrew Gray, another stalwart who finished the night with some lively light music and the ground of Salute to Donald, a first-rate end to the evening’s piping.

I was busy.

I was busy !

The intention was announced of there being a “special” EPS evening every third meeting, for example an informal competition, quiz night, guest recitalist, or other slightly out-of-the-ordinary event. The first of these was due to be on the next meeting in mid-December, however due to the purported organiser being unable to attend due to work commitments, this will be put off to the new year. The additional time for organisation will no doubt result in a spectacularly exciting occasion….watch this space for further details.

Jenny Hazzard.


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