Match report 16th October 2012

There are no words

19.30hrs and only the PM and the barmaid (nice name for a wee tune) were present. While it was a dreich night it transpired that there was still some interest to see if Scotland and the Tartan Army would be doing the samba through Rio in 2014 supporting their own team. Alas a forlorn hope and once again the Tartan Army will descend into Brazil supporting anyone but England who has any small link with God’s country (exhibit A- Jason Scotland!)

It was 0-0 at half time and time for a quick tune from the PM. A couple of 6/8s during which Belgium scored their opener. With the sound of the timbal samba beat becoming ever weaker the PM continued with some 3/4s. Belgium scored their second and the dream was over. Enough was enough and the pies were ordered to temper the disappointment of the smallish group that were now ensconced in the ‘Scots Guardsa Clun’.

Over pies it was decided that Levin was a ‘Belter’

The PPP was the Hon President himself. Colin played a wide variety of small music before trotting out the Cameronian Rant and Ca’ the Ewes. Some 2/4 marches followed including the great Angus MacPherson tune, Achany Glen. (Achany is a small hamlet in Sutherland on the river Shin and the tune was one of the late great John D Burgess’s favourites.)

Colin plays The Groat

Colin went onto to play The Groat, a smallish but lovely tune. A Groat or fuppence is the traditional name of a long-defunct English silver coin worth four English pence, and also a Scottish coin originally worth fourpence.

‘The tune celebrates the christening of an heir to MacLeod of Harris and Dunvegan, perhaps circa 1570.  Some attribute this tune to lain Odhar MacCrimmon, in which case the MacLeod heir could have been either William, XIIIth Chieftain, born 1560 or his son John, XIVth Chieftain, born 1580 (nephew of Sir Ruaridh Mor MacLeod). Iain Odhar’s son Padruig Donn is also a candidate for the title of composer. Others credit the tune to Donald Mor MacCrimmon, born 1570. It is unlikely that Donald Mor would have composed a celebratory birth tune retrospectively. If Donald Mor did compose the tune on the birth of a MacLeod heir, it could have been for Iain Mor, born 1595, or, for Roderick, born in 1635.

In any case, the tune is a celebration of new life and should be played as such’

With the evening back on track and the round ball consigned to the trashcan Nils Michaels took to the floor with a wee glint in his eye.

No Tam or Iain Speirs in the audience = Nils off the leash.

He warmed the pipe up with the 6/8 marches Martin Kessler (composed by Arthur Gillies) and Perth and Bloom. He then gave us Bonnie Ann, The Abercairney Highlanders and Jimmy Young. Nils played the little heard setting of Abercairney made famous by Tam S. some years ago.

Nils then launched into Gordon Duncan’s High Drive, followed by Phil Cunningham’s Horseshoe Reel. Not quite Guy Fawkes night by there were early fireworks on display here. He closed to rapturous applause and cheers.

And that was the evening’s evening.

Before the masses departed the President announced that he would host the second committee meeting of the Society in his house after the MacColl and MacColl recital on Sunday 21st. Someone suggested a game of golf in the morning followed by lunch. The perfect Sunday? Almost.

It was announced that the first meetings minutes, held some two years ago, would not be available for perusal and adoption as everyone got so intoxicated that none were taken and no one could remember what was discussed.

The committee members were warned to be on their best behavior this time round and not to take advantage of the copious amounts of G and T at the Hon Pres. hoose. Jenny said she would ensure minutes were taken and diversity was observed. As adult homosapiens will power and moral fiber would be expected.

The minutes of the second meeting will no doubt be promulgated to the membership in the fullness of time.

The Perfect Sunday

Euan Anderson

Hon PM

PS I will not be with you for the next couple of meetings as I am off to Oz for a sabbatical. Please come along and support the Society.


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