Match Report 2nd October 2012

The evening got under way with the PM opening up with some 5 or 6 6/8 marches before moving onto a couple of slow airs. He finished off his stint with 2x 2/4 marches Hugh Kennedy and Craig-n Darroch. Having rested the pipe he set about finding his first victim of the evening……………

Robert Ross

Next up was first timer Robert Ross who is an Edinburgh lad and a product of the Craigmount High School pipe band system. Once the pipe had settled Robert gave us the MSR, The Links of Forth, Susan McLeod and McAlister’s Dirk. He then finished off with a somewhat innovative set of jigs including the Masons Apron and The Highland Wedding. Both were his own arrangements.  (He confessed later on that he hadn’t finished them yet!)   ‘Really’?

The new Ayrfir

Once I had finished with the Dyson hoovering up Robbie’s gracenotes Cameron Drummond took to the floor. Now what makes a good bagpipe great? An argument with perhaps no satisfying outcome but Rosie was on the new AyrFire chanter resplendent with a brand new silver sole. A new Colin MacLellan reed was the order of the evening and once a few bits of tape were adjusted Cameron settled into a masterful wee recital. The chanter had a Roddy McLeod-esk ring to the high A and one the benefits to this new chanter is the ability to get a piobaireachd high G without all the usual hassle.  Included in Cameron’s spot were The Braes of Castle Grant, The Marchioness of Tullibardine, Piper’s Bonnet and The Little Cascade. Arrangements were then made for a game of Sunday golf. What better way to spend a Sunday?

on fire?

Does a silver sole aid the chanter sound in any way? Oh and does it have to rattle when you shake it? Maybees aye, maybees naw but the silver sole is making a comeback-maybe?

The pre pie piper was Nils Michaels who started off with the great slow air Samantha’s Lullaby, a tune composed by Authur Gillies who taught Nils many years ago in Germany. Nils finished off with Mrs John McColl, Dorritor Bridge and The Brown Haired Maiden.

The post pie piper was Andrew Gray aka High Tower. Andrew was in fine form giving us a variety of light music before finishing with the Fred Morrison tune Mark Sheridan and another reel La Celta Nostra.

Next for shaving was James Gore whom I am pleased to say is becoming a regular visitor. Once the pipe was settled he rattled out The Knightswood Ceilidh, The Pipers Bonnet and Charlie’s Welcome. He finished with one of his own compositions P/M Norman Dodds (his teacher) followed by Kyle Warrens- Golden Brown.

James Gore

Douglas Gardiner was off match report duties this evening but on the Piobaireachd detail. Douglas tiptoed his way through several sets of light music including the MSR The Glenfinnan Highland Gathering, Caledonian Society of London and Bessie McIntyre. On a very solid pipe he then produced a lovely, musical Duntroon’s (McDonald’s) Salute. He played so well that he ran outside took off all his clothes and jumped in the sea-oh no, apologies that was Oban.

Douglas Gardiner

However the feast of piping was not over as Lachie Dick was keen to put some air through the pipe. On a big instrument he gave us a couple of 2/4 marches, The Clan McColl and Mrs John McColl and finished with a couple of jigs The Geese in the Bog and Donella Beaton.

And that was the evenings evening.

A date for the diary: Sunday 21st October-Scots Guards Club 16.00hrs.  The father and son recital, Angus and Angus MacColl.

Hope to see you all on the 16th.

Lothian and Borders NYC

Euan Anderson



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  1. I’ve yet to understand the charms of the Craig-n Darroch “tune”. Hope springs …

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