Trump’s “Piper’s Eagle” golf course to open at Boreraig

Tom and Jack

Tom and Jack

He’s already opening his controversial International Golf Links in 2012 in Balmedie, near Aberdeen, Scotland, and now American millionaire Donald Trump has revealed plans to develop another exclusive club on the Isle of Skye at the sacrosanct site of Boreraig.

“Piper’s Eagle Links,” according to Trump International, will feature 18 holes of links-style golf, with each hole named for piping-inspired themes, playing off of Boreraig’s historical ties to the MacCrimmon dynasty of piobaireachd composers, teachers and performers.

For example, the first hole will reportedly be named “Patrick Og’s Bogey.” The undulating fifth, which will feature a blind approach shot over a cliff, is to be called “Donald Mor’s Rundown,” and the dramatic eighteenth finishing hole has the name, “A Mach.”

In true egomaniacal Trump style, hole number seven, a 580-yard par-5 monster, will reportedly be named “Donald Dubhious.”

Colin MacLellan and Euan Anderson, two well known golf-loving pipers, were flown to Boreraig in a private gold-plated Trump helicopter to waste a few Titleist ProV1 balls with banana-slices into the Minch. Ironically, Anderson and MacLellan are leaders within the Eagle Pipers Society in Edinburgh, so representing Piper’s Eagle was a no-brainer.

“You’re fired!” The Donald shouted with a laugh to Anderson and MacLellan for their pathetic shots.

Bulldozers will begin carving up the stunning Skye terrain in late-April. Trump International says that PGA regulation sand will be imported from Ohio to fill the bunkers and redwood trees from Torrey Pines near San Diego will be brought in and transplanted.

Applications for membership to Piper’s Eagle were accepted beginning last week. Initiation fee is reportedly £50,000.

Boreraig was symbolically donated to pipers in the 1970s in return for “a penny and piobaireachd” in annual rent. The cairn that was erected shortly thereafter will be part of Piper’s Eagle’s first tee, and will be listed as “in play” as an “immovable obstruction” in the local rules for the course.

Trump claims strong Scottish lineage, supporting his desire to develop Scotland’s pristine Highlands into exclusive golf clubs. His mother, Mary Ann MacLeod, was born in 1912 in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. He traces his Hebridean roots back several centuries.



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2 responses to “Trump’s “Piper’s Eagle” golf course to open at Boreraig

  1. Mrs Vanreenan, Edinburgh

    I hope Trump doesn’t allow Anderson to draw up the dress code.

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